Curators: Sharla Fett, History Department, Occidental College, and David Kim, English Department, University of Delaware, in consultation with Kabria Baumgartner, Department of History, College of Wooster.

Further Acknowledgements: The CCP Exhibits team for creating visualizations, editing, and revising this exhibit: Simone Austin, Samantha de Vera, Kelli Coles, Gwendolyn Meredith, and Sarah Patterson.

Undergraduate Researchers: History 213, Occidental College, Spring 2016: Gabriel Barrett-Jackson, Emma Cones, Tina Delany, Lindsay Drapkin, Lila Gyory, Sydney Hemmindinger, Rosa Pleasant, Reilly Torres, Victoria Walker, and Daniel Waruingi.

Special thanks to Gale, a Cengage Company, and Accessible Archives Inc.® for granting permission for the use of the materials from 19th Century U.S. Newspaper and African American Newspapers: The 19th Century.

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Citation: Fett, Sharla, David Kim, and Kabria Baumgartner. “Working for Higher Education: Advancing Black Women’s Rights in the 1850s.” Colored Conventions Project. 2016.

Previous Citation: Fett, Sharla, David Kim, and Kabria Baumgartner. “The Manual Labor College Initiative and the 1853 Rochester Convention.”