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Denise Burgher, P. Gabrielle Foreman, Kristin Moriah, Curtis Small, and Brandi Locke.


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Dr. Curtis Small, Senior Assistant Librarian and Coordinator, Public Services at the UD Library and CCP project member, presented “Haitians and the Colored Conventions Movement.”

This month CCP project members presented at the 2019 African American Intellectual History Society conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year the focus of the conference was “Black Internationalism – Then and Now.” Conference participation by CCP members included:

  • In the Black Internationalism in the Age of Revolution panel, Adam McNeil presented “Fear of a Negro Revolt: Southern Patriot’s Fear of Black Rebellion in the Age of Dunmore’s Proclamation”
  • P. Gabrielle Foreman participated in the “Academic Job Market” round table and
  • In “The Colored Convetnions’ Digital Reach and Black Internationalist Roots and Branches, Curtis Small presented on “Haiti and the Colored Conventions Movement,” Denise Burgher presented, “Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Black Internationalism and Colored Conventions Leadership after the Civil War,” Kristin Moriah, Queen’s University, presented “From Our Philadelphia Correspondent”: Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, and Performances of Transnational Black Solidarity” with comments by Psyche Williams-Forson, University of Maryland.