Project Videos

The Colored Conventions Project on the “Importance of the Humanities”

This video produced by the students of the Colored Conventions Project describes the importance of continuing public support and funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities and other government agencies.

The Colored Conventions Project in Three Videos

“History Matters: The Colored Conventions Project” by Delaware Public Media narrates the once buried story of a nineteenth-century Black political organizing movement that lasted for more than half a century. Arguing that this movement is as important to understanding early racial justice campaigns as the Underground Railroad and the Anti-Slavery movement, Dr. P. Gabrielle Foreman shares why it may have been buried, talks about some of its famous delegates and moments, and narrates how it speaks to movements like #BlackLivesMatter.

This 2015 “Colored Conventions Project” video introduces the highly diverse and interdisciplinary University of Delaware team: its graduate student leadership, its library professionals, and its undergraduate researchers.

This “Undergraduate Research” video highlights the intensive and original research undertaken by undergraduates! More than 1,000 undergraduates across the country have engaged in research as national teaching partners adopt our curriculum. At UD, project team members do even more year round, with opportunities to engage in visualization, assessment, archival research and more!

“Frederick Douglass, ‘Why Hold a Colored Convention?'”

Featuring Hassan El-Amin as Frederick Douglass.

Scholarly Interventions

Featuring Dr. P. Gabrielle Foreman, Faculty Director and Dr. Jim Casey, National Co-Director.

Produced for the National Archives, December 2019.

Community and Historic Church Outreach Initiative

Featuring Dr. Curtis Small, Senior Assistant Librarian, Special Collections, and Denise Burgher, PhD student and Chair of the Historic Church and Community Engagement Committee.

Produced for the National Archives, December 2019.

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The Colored Conventions Project was launched & cultivated at the University of Delaware from 2012-2020.