Conventions Records

The Colored Conventions Project’s Digital Records website features hundreds of primary sources from the long conventions movement. Primary sources include minutes, proceedings, newspaper articles, speeches, letters, transcripts, and images. The digital collections are organized by year, type, and region. Many primary sources have been transcribed and are keyword searchable. Whenever possible, we provide images of the documents along with the transcriptions and relevant metadata.


Please note:

  • The collection is still growing. We continue to obtain more documents and learn about more conventions. 
  • If you know about a document or a convention that we do not offer, please let us know through our Convention Records Submission Form. Learn more at our Submit Records page. 
  • We provide transcripts when possible, but we have not yet finished transcribing the entire collection. 
  • The documents in our collection come from multiple sources of varying quality. Please let us know if you have a better copy to share through our Convention Records Submission Form.
  • Want to learn more about the conventions and their contexts? Please visit the CCP Exhibits
  • Some files are not provided because of licensing restrictions, but we do share any information about the sources. Please consult your local school, library, or institution.

The Colored Conventions Project appreciates the support of:


The Colored Conventions Project was launched & cultivated at the University of Delaware from 2012-2020.