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The content of the Colored Conventions Project has split into two sites! This site features general information, digital exhibits of scholarship research using Colored Convention records, teaching materials for educators, and CCP news.

The Digital Records site houses the digital collection of convention minutes, proceedings, newspaper articles, letters, transcripts, and images.


How to Navigate This Site

  • About the Colored Conventions: New to the Colored Conventions movement? Read a brief synopsis of this rich history.
  • About the the Colored Conventions Project: Learn more about the people — students, faculty, librarians, scholars, and researchers — that collaborate on this digital humanities project, the principles that guide our work, and the way we organize ourselves.
  • Convention Documents: To view digital records–the digital collection of convention minutes, proceedings, newspaper articles, speeches, letters, transcripts, and images, please visit our Digital Records site.
  • Exhibits: To view the digital exhibits of scholarly research. These exhibits are created by professors and students using primary documents to highlight an aspect of the Colored Conventions movement. These exhibits draw upon its collections to complement and extend what public audiences know about the cultural histories and materials connected to Black organizing in the nineteenth century. Visit our Exhibits overview that leads you to the individual sites.
  • Submit Records: CCP is continually adding minutes to this site that have not been previously included in book collections of state or national conventions. Visit our Submit Records page to learn how you can contribute.
  • Teaching the Colored Conventions: Visit our Teaching page to learn how to incorporate the Colored Conventions history into classroom curriculum.
  • News and Events: See what the Colored Conventions Project is doing on our News page, and check out upcoming workshops and gatherings on our Events page.

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CCP Omeka Site (snapshot)

Looking for primary documents including minutes, proceedings, newspaper articles, speeches, letters, transcripts, and images? Visit our Digital Records site.

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The Colored Conventions Project was launched & cultivated at the University of Delaware from 2012-2020.