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Colored Conventions in a Box and Research Resources

The Colored Conventions team has developed a research-based curriculum, Colored Conventions in a Box, that introduces faculty, students, and public audiences to the nineteenth-century colored conventions movement. We are committed to producing educational resources that encourage investigation into the themes and debates that arise in convention minutes. With attention to scholarly interpretation and presentation, CCP scholars and librarians have curated sample writing assignments, research guides, and other engaging educational resources. These resources encourage teachers and students to actively learn about the history of black organizing by creating and sharing exhibits and interactive visuals with the Project. All materials may be used for teaching or learning more about the colored conventions movement in educational settings. Reach us at!

Get started now with "A Short Guide to Building CCP Exhibits!"

Colored Conventions Curriculum: 

-Colored Conventions in a Box 

-Handout: A Short Guide to Building CCP Exhibits in Omeka

-Instructor Memo of Understanding 

-Student Memo of Understanding

Research Guides:

The Colored Conventions Project provides online research guides that are designed for faculty partners and student researchers. These guides compile a host of resources, including census directories, digital newspapers, image databases and quite useful books and collections of nineteenth-century letters, some of which are available through university subscriptions. If interested in using our guides or developing similar guides for university or college libraries, contact us at

For Faculty Partners and Students at the University of Delaware:

For National Faculty Partners and Students:

National and Local Teaching Partners

Christine Anderson, Ph.D., Xavier University

Kimberly Blockett, Ph.D., Penn State at Brandywine

Jim Casey, University of Delaware

Anna Mae Duane, University of Connecticut

Erica Armstrong Dunbar, Ph.D., University of Delaware

Benjamin Fagan, Ph.D., Auburn Univeristy

Sharla Fett, Ph.D., Occidental College

Gabrielle Foreman, Ph.D., University of Delaware

David Kim, Ph.D., Occidental College

Joycelyn Moody, Ph.D., University of Texas at San Antonio

Sarah Patterson, University of Delaware

Jean Pfaelzer, Ph.D., University of Delaware

Selena Sanderfer, Western Kentucky University

Sarah Wasserman, Ph.D., University of Delaware

Ivy Wilson, Ph.D., Northwestern University