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CCP Corpus and Word Trends

 By clicking the link below, I commit to the principles:


  • I honor CCP’s commitment to a use of data that humanizes and acknowledges the Black people whose collective organizational histories are assembled here. Although the subjects of datasets are often reduced to abstract data points, I will contextualize and narrate the conditions of the people who appear as “data” and to name them when possible.
  • I will include the above language in my first citation of any data I pull/use from the CCP Corpus.
  • I will be sensitive to a standard use of language that again reduces 19th-century Black people to being objects. Words like "item" and "object,” standard in digital humanities and data collection, fall into this category.
  • I will acknowledge that Colored Conventions were produced through collectives rather than by the work of singular figures or events.
  • I will fully attribute the Colored Conventions Project for corpora content.