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Seeking Records Curriculum

Thanks to you and your students for sharing your collective energy and intellectual acumen as we seek to learn more about the historic collective efforts of the Colored Conventions movement and to bring buried nineteenth-century Black organizing to digital life.

The Colored Conventions Project provides a comprehensive curriculum package to support participating students and faculty at every juncture of the process, from research to publishing online exhibits for public audiences at

The Colored Conventions movement generated many different kinds of documents that allow current researchers a window into this movement for Black civil rights: the proceedings themselves, speeches that were--and sometimes were not--included in the printed materials/proceedings. Newspapers printed “calls” or announcements about upcoming meetings and vigorous debates sometimes ensued. And then there was the coverage that took place afterwards, spreading the word--quite intentionally--beyond the physical limits and time of the gathering itself. Finally, delegates often created legislative petitions to advocate for voting, jury and educational rights, for examples. The Colored Conventions Project seeks to locate these documents and make available in one place for the very first time. To do this, we need your research skills, energy and growing expertise. Join us!

View all conventions for which we are seeking records here. Click here to view our new seeking records curriculum. 

We encourage teaching partners to consider creating digital exhibits with us on Wordpress. Please revisit our site for forthcoming Wordpress exhibits curriculum guides.