Abner Hunt Francis and Sydna Edmonia Robella Francis were a power couple whose joint mission was to improve the conditions, both social and political, for Americans in America during the 19th century. Abner’s financial success as a businessman gave him an elevated social influence, which he used in the family’s travels across North America. While Sydna and Abner were involved in and led many activists groups such as the Buffalo Anti-Slavery Society and the Female Dorcas Society that advocated topics such as improved schools for African American child, the couple’s biggest success as advocates was overturning a strict Exclusion Law in Oregon. After this event, free blacks over the age of 18 were allowed to continue residence in Oregon. Unfortunately, financial decline and Abner’s death left Sydna a poor widow until her death 17 years later. The Francis’ contribution to social and political reform for African Americans is invaluable.