“Musicians and Ministers: The Contributions of Mr. Amos G. Beman and Amanda S. Dutton”

Many of the people who supported, spoke, and fought for the success of the Colored Conventions had little to no political experience; however, through the Conventions, those men and women found opportunities to exercise their trades and hobbies for the sake of a greater cause. This poster highlights the contributions of two such individuals: Mr. Amos G. Beman, a minister from Connecticut, and Mrs. Amanda Scott Dutton, a pianist and singer from Maine. Beman and Dutton both learned to apply the strengths of their respective fields to the anti-slavery efforts of the mid-1800s, despite being trained in disciplines that are not typically considered critical to the political arena. Their willingness to speak, sing, encourage, and even argue with their fellow delegates enhanced the Colored Conventions and the anti-slavery movement at large.