Since this is an ongoing project involving an extensive amount of research, I need your help! If you have any information on the following, please reach out to both:

The Colored Conventions Project: Contact form

Jessica Thelen, curator of this exhibit:

We need your help locating and/or finding information on:

  • If any of the Black men who fought in the Harpers Ferry Raid attended any other Colored Conventions; these men are: Osborne P. (Perry) Anderson, Lewis Leary, Dangerfield Newby, John Anthony Copeland Jr., and  Shields Green.
  • Newspaper articles, clippings, or excerpts of those cited in “The Harpers Ferry Raid” subtab titled “Newspaper Coverage Of The Raid” and those cited in the “Key Documents” subtab titled “Interviews With Brown.”
  • New images or unknown documents related to the Chatham Convention, the Harpers Ferry Raid, Brown and his family, and the Black activists examined throughout the exhibit.



Created by Jessica Thelen, PhD student in English for P. Gabrielle Foreman’s ENGL/HIST 677 class, Spring, 2019. Edited by P. Gabrielle Foreman.