The Colored Conventions Project’s digital exhibits draw upon its collections to complement and extend what public audiences know about the cultural histories and materials connected to Black organizing in the nineteenth century. This guide reflects a CCP exhibit in its form. Explore it to learn more about creating exhibits.


Curators: Jim Casey and Michelle Byrnes

This guide is the product of many contributions in many forms. The text of this guide was prepared by Jim Casey, Michelle Byrnes, Kelli Coles, and Anna Lacy, along with P. Gabrielle Foreman, David Kim, Sarah Patterson, Carol Rudisell, Lauren Cooper, and the many members of the CCP at the University of Delaware and the University of Delaware Library. Special credit goes to the continuing work of the CCP Exhibits Committee. We also wish to acknowledge the shared learning experiences we have enjoyed with so many of our teaching partners, students, and collaborators.

We are eager to receive any feedback on this guide. If you spot any hiccups, hurdles, or places to improve—please write to us at

Special thanks to Gale, a Cengage Company and Accessible Archives Inc.® for granting permission for the use of the materials from 19th Century U.S. Newspaper and African American Newspapers: The 19th Century.

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