What Did They Eat? Where Did They Stay? Black Boardinghouses and the Colored Conventions Movement

In the Classroom

This teaching guide can be taught in conjunction with Psyche Williams-Forson’s article “Where Did They Eat? Where Did They Stay?: Interpreting Material Culture of Black Women’s Domesticity in the Context of the Colored Conventions,” which appears in the volume The Colored Conventions Movement: Black Organizing in the Nineteenth Century (2021), edited by P. Gabrielle Foreman, Jim Casey, and Sarah Lynn Paterson, published by the  University of North Carolina Press. For more information on the contents of the volume and where to find it, visit coloredconventions.org/about/book.


K-12 Teaching Guide:

Prepared by Marc Blanc (English and American Literature PhD candidate at Washington University in St. Louis).

Reviewed by Denise G. Burgher (Curriculum Chair and English PhD candidate, Univ. of Delaware), Janel Moore Almond (Colored Conventions Project Teaching Advisory Board) and Takiya Jackson (Undergraduate Researcher, Penn State).

College/AP Classes Teaching Guide: Prepared by Samantha de Vera (History PhD candidate at UC San Diego) in collaboration with P. Gabrielle Foreman (CBDR Co-director, Penn State). Reviewed by Janel Moore Almond.

Curriculum Proofreading: Aimee Gee (librarian, Univ. of Delaware).

Curriculum Layout Design and Review: Sam De Vera (PhD candidate, UC San Diego), Michelle Byrnes (undergraduate, Penn State), Lauren Earl (MLIS student, Syracuse University) and Lauren Cooper (CBDR librarian, Penn State).