Becoming Frederick Douglass

Tracking Douglass in the Colored Conventions Movement


By covering the scope of the exhibit, this Storymap follows Frederick Douglass as he traveled throughout the Northeast region in the U.S. from 1841 to 1855 delivering anti-slavery lectures and participating in local, state, and national Colored Conventions. Witness the steps he took to becoming the iconic “Frederick Douglass” while keeping a demanding speaking itinerary with a growing family, agitating for justice and equality as a radical journalist, and publishing two bestselling autobiographies and a novella.


Curators: Dr. Sherita L. Johnson, Associate Professor of English at The University of Southern Mississippi, with Kayla Schreiber, PhD student in English. Created for Dr. Johnson’s undergraduate class ENG 473: Studies in African American Literature—“Frederick Douglass” (Spring 2019)

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Christopher Young (Web Service Engineer, iTech) for his technical assistance in helping to build the framework for the storymap