Becoming Frederick Douglass



The bibliography for this exhibit is separated into two sections: archival and scholarly. In the scholarly bibliography, we have cataloged a selection of critical sources in which scholars discuss Douglass’s relationships with his peers, analyze his speeches in conjunction with events in his life, and so on. 

The archival bibliography depicts primarily nineteenth century documents, retrieved from digitized archives. These documents consist of photographs and daguerreotypes of Frederick Douglass at various stages of his life, as well as allies and peers he interacted with. These archival documents also consist of reproductions of speeches, pamphlets, and other texts that exemplify Douglass’s evolving voice and the unfolding understanding of Douglass in the press and by his national audience. 


Curators: Dr. Sherita L. Johnson, Associate Professor of English at The University of Southern Mississippi, with Kayla Schreiber, PhD student in English. Created for Dr. Johnson’s undergraduate class ENG 473: Studies in African American Literature—“Frederick Douglass” (Spring 2019)