•                                                                       BECOMING FREDERICK DOUGLAS
















“Becoming Frederick Douglass” concentrates on the initial stages of his career as a public intellectual and his leadership during the Colored Conventions movement in the antebellum era. This exhibit will allow you to witness Douglass’ transformation from a fugitive to a free man, while he worked among other Black leaders in organized agitation against racial injustice


Curators: Dr. Sherita L. Johnson, Associate Professor of English at The University of Southern Mississippi, with Kayla Schreiber, PhD student in English. Created for Dr. Johnson’s undergraduate class ENG 473: Studies in African American Literature—“Frederick Douglass” (Spring 2019)

Further Acknowledgements to the CCP Exhibits team for creating visualizations, editing, and revising this exhibit:

Special thanks to Gale, a Cengage Company and Accessible Archives Inc.® for granting permission for the use of the materials from 19th Century U.S. Newspaper and African American Newspapers: The 19th Century.

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