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Minutes and Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of the People of Colour, held by adjournments in the city of Philadelphia, from the sixth to the eleventh of June, inclusive, 1831.

1831PA 9.pdf

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The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings of the officers at any time or times, which minutes, with all other useful matter that may come under his observation, shall be laid before the Annual Conventions from time to time.

The Treasurer shall receive all moneys that may be collected by all the different societies, (which now are or hereafter may be subject to the order of the Convention,) for which the president shall take his receipt. He shall pay all moneys as the Council may draw on him for the order, being signed by each of the Council.

The Corresponding Secretary shall notify the Vice-Presidents and Secretaries of their appointments, together with the general views of the Convention in relation to the Canadian settlement.

He shall, also, hold the most extensive and faithful correspondence with the Committees and Agents appointed to advance the interests of the proposed College, holding his correspondence subject to the inspection of the President and Vice-Presidents only.

No moneys shall be drawn from the funds, but by consent of a majority of the Council.

The Convention recommends the Parent Society at Philadelphia, and all others engaged in the Canadian purchase, to alter their Constitutions and by-laws, so as to become auxiliary to the Convention, to the Treasurer of which they shall remit their funds at stated times.

On motion of Mr. Jennings, Resolved, That this Convention highly approve of the exertions of the Parent Society and its Auxiliaries, (recommended by the last Convention,) for the able and zealous manner in which they have discharged their duties, far exceeding the most sanguine expectations of its friends.

Resolved, That this Convention approves and highly appreciates the laudable intention of (Junius C. Morel and John P. Thompson,) to establish a weekly Journal in the city of Philadelphia, in aid of the cause of our oppressed brethren, and pledge ourselves to use our influence in promoting it to public patronage.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be given to Messrs. Shipley, Lundy, Tappan, Garrison, Jocelyn and Peirce, for the friendship evinced by them towards this Convention, and its constituents.

On motion, Resolved,~That the Convention recommend to the People of Colour throughout the United States, to set apart the fourth day of July, as a day of humiliation, fasting and prayer--and to beseech Almighty God to interpose on our behalf, that the shackles of slavery may be broken, and our sacred rights obtained, and that there be

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