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Minutes and Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of the People of Colour, held by adjournments in the city of Philadelphia, from the sixth to the eleventh of June, inclusive, 1831.

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cation of Young Men of Colour, on such basis, as cannot but elevate the general character of the coloured population—

They, therefore, solicited the favour of the Convention to appoint a committee to confer with them on the subject.

The Convention, feeling the importance of the communication, appointed a committee to consult with the above gentlemen.

The Committee, to whom was submitted the duty of conferring with Messrs. Tappan, Jocelyn and Garrison, reported as follows:—

That a plan had been submitted to them by the above-named gentlemen, for the liberal education of Young Men of Colour, on the Manual Labour System, all of which they respectfully submit to the consideration of the Convention, and are as follow :

The plan proposed is, that a College be established at New-Haven, Conn., as soon as $20,000 are obtained, and to be on the Manual Labour System, by which, in connexion with a scientific education, they may also obtain a useful Mechanical or Agricultural profession, and, (they farther report, having received information,) that a benevolent individual has offered to subscribe one thousand dollars towards this object, provided, that a farther sum of nineteen thousand dollars can be obtained in one year.

After an interesting discussion; the above report was unanimously adopted; one of the inquiries by the Convention was, in regard to the place of location. On interrogating the gentlemen why New-Haven should be the place of location, they gave the following as their reasons:--

1st. The site is healthy and beautiful.

2d. Its inhabitants arc friendly, pious, generous, and humane.

3d. Its laws are salutary and protecting to all, without regard to complexion.

4th. Boarding is cheap and provisions are good.

5th. The situation is as central as any other that can be obtained with the same advantages.

6th. The town of New-Haven carries on an extensive West India trade, and many of the wealthy coloured residents in the Islands, would, no doubt, send their sons there to be educated, and thus a fresh tie of friendship would be formed, which might be productive of much real good in the end.

And Iast, though not the least, the literary and scientific character of New-Haven, renders it a very deisrable place for the location of the College.

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