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Constitution of the American Society of Free Persons of Colour, for improving their condition in the United States; for purchasing lands; and for the establishment of a settlement in upper Canada, also, The Proceedings of the Convention with their Address to Free Persons of Colour in the United States

1830PA 3.pdf

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society, shall not exceed five, and all other places, where there are no auxiliaries, are hereby invited to send one delegate.

On motion it was

Resolved, That this Convention address the Free People of Colour throughout the United States, and publish in one of the daily papers of this city.

On motion it was

Resolved, That the Convention do adjourn at the invitation of one of the managers of the Lombard-street Free School for coloured children. The Convention were highly gratified at the order, regularity and improvement discoverable in the various departments, among a collection of children, male and female, rising four hundred. Their specimens in writing, needlework, &c. &c. made a deep impression on the Convention, with a desire that the People of Colour may availingly appreciate every extended opportunity for their improvement in the various situations where they may reside.

On motion, the House adjourned sine die.

Rt. Rev. RICHARD ALLEN, President

JUNIUS C. MOREL, Secretary.

The following Delegates composed the Convention, viz.

Pennsylvania—Rev. Richard Allen, Dr. Belfast Burton, Cyrus Black, Junius C. Morel, Benjamin Paschall, jr. James Cornish, Wm. S. Whipper, Peter Gardiner, John Allen, James Newman, Charles H. Leveck, Frederick A. Hinton.

New-York—Austin Steward, Jos. Adams, George L. Brown.

Connecticut—Scipio C. Augustus.

Rhode-Island—George C. Willis, Alfred Niger.

Maryland—James Deavour, Hezekiah Grice, Aaron Willoon, Robert Cowley.

Delaware—Abraham D. Shad.

Virginia—Arthur M. Waring, Wm. Duncan, James West, jr.


Robert Brown, William Rogers, John Bowers, Richard Howell, Daniel Peterson, Charles Shorts, of Pennsylvania; Leven Williams, of New-York; James P. Walker, of Maryland; John Robinson, of Ohio; Rev. Samuel Todd, of Maryland; John Arnold, of New-Jersey; Sampson Peters, of New-Jersey; Rev. Anthony Campbell, of Delaware; Don Carolos Hall, of Delaware.

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