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The Minutes of the State Convention of the People of Color of the State of Indiana

1851 Indianapolis State Convention.compressed.10.pdf

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TUESDAY MORNING, 9 o'clock, A. M.

The Convention met per adjournment, the President in the Chair.

Prayer by Rev. E. Weaver. The roll was called, and the minutes of the 6th session read, received and adopted.

The preamble and resolution of J. A. Warren in reference to annual fair, was taken up and adopted.

The following preamble and resolutions were offered by Rev. J. M. Brown, to-wit:

WHEREAS, The government of Great Britain has offered to the free people of color of the United States a home upon the soil of her Brittania's Isle, on terms of equality, at once recognizing the principles of universal brotherhood, Therefore,

Resolved, That we hail with emotions of inexpressible gratitude, the boon proffered to our countrymen.

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Convention, the proffer is both Christian, fraternal and manly, at once placing the van upon that anti-christian, anti-republican, demoniacal spirit which dictates an idea so malignant as the one advocated by the Anglo Saxons of this and other portions of this country, viz: That the good of the two races demands their ultimate separation.

On motion, the above preamble and resolutions were adopted.

On motion of W. J. Greenly,

Resolved, That each delegate in this Convention use his efforts to impress it upon our people in his county, to prepare premium articles for exhibition, and at a proper time report to the chairman of the Central Committee the prospect of holding an annual fair.

On motion E. Weaver, seconded by J. Morgan,

Resolved, that there be one thousand copies of the minutes of this Convention published, and the same distributed among the delegates, to be sold at ten cents per copy, and the money to be forwarded to the Chairman of the State Central Committee, to be appropriated to defraying the expenses of the delegates to the National Convention, after the expenses of publishing the minutes shall have been discharged.

On motion of E. Weaver,

Resolved, That we tender our thanks to the citizens of Indianapolis for their kind hospitality in entertaining this Convention.

On motion of J. A. Warren,

Resolved, That we tender our thanks to the Trustees of the A. M. E. Church, for the use of their meeting house.

On motion of J. J. Fitzgerald,

Resolved, That the chair appoint a committee of three for the revision and publishing the minutes of this Convention.

Under which resolution the following gentlemen were appointed: W. J. Greenly, J. J. Fitzgerald, and J. L. Johnson.

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