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The Minutes of the State Convention of the People of Color of the State of Indiana

1851 Indianapolis State Convention.compressed.9.pdf

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Resolved, That we recommend our people to institute schools in every town, village, and settlement, and labor with unanimous effort for general elevation and improvement.

On motion of W.T. Couzins, it was

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a committee of three to nominate a State Central Committee, consisting of nine, whose duty it shall be to call a State Convention, wherever practicable.

The following gentlemen were appointed. Wm. Anderson, T. Bushrod, and J. A. Warrens.

The committee in a few moments reported the following as a State Central Committee:

John G. Britton, of Marion County,

John L. Johnson, " "

Wm. J. Greenly, Floyd "

Rev. Wm. T. Couzins, of Clarke County

J. H. Morris, Tippecanoe "

Wm. H Carter, Vigo "

T. S, M'Coy, Wayne "

C. Outland, "

The above report was received and adopted.

On the motion of J. M. Brown,

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a committee of three to draft an address to the legal voters, and one to the colored citizens of the State of Indiana, setting forth our grievances, and the necessity of action on our part.

W. J. Greenly, Rev. J. J. Fitzgerald, and W. T. Boyd, were appointed said committee.

On motion of J. J. Fitzgerald,

Resolved, That inasmuch as intemperance is destructive to the health, wealth, and morals of any people, we will exert our energies to arrest the progress of this monster in our midst.

Further business was suspended until a collection was taken up, to pay for printing the minutes. $3 were collected, and deposited in the hands of the President.

The following preamble and resolution was offered by J. A. Warren: WHEREAS, We, the people of color, have often been branded as not having taste in common with other men agriculture, arts and sciences, &c.: Therefore,

Resolved, That we recommend our people to hold annual fairs for the exhibition of their stock, mechanical inventions, ladies' needle work, &c., in order that we may remove the odium so long cast upon us.

The above preamble and resolution was laid over for Tuesday morning, 9 o'clock.

It was then announced that there would be a public meeting at candle-lighting, at which time addresses would be delivered by Mr. MERRIWETHER, upon Liberia: J. M. BROWN, upon Canada, and J.J. FITZGERALD, upon moral elevation. Which was done, and while singing several anti-slavery songs, a collection of $4 80 was taken up, and deposited in the hands of the President.

Adjourned to meet Tuesday morning, 9 o'clock, Aug. 5th.


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