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The Minutes of the State Convention of the People of Color of the State of Indiana

1851 Indianapolis State Convention.compressed.8.pdf

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wrong impressions ; AND WHEREAS, We believe the emigration of the free people of color of these United States to Liberia would be the means of riveting the chains tighter, and forever upon our enslaved brethren; therefore,

Resolved, That we denounce the Colonization Scheme, and never will, as a body, emigrate to Liberia.

On motion of W.J. Greenly, it was

Resolved, That this Convention respond to the call for a National Convention, and recommend Tuesday the 18th day of August, 1852, as the time and Pittsburgh, Pa., as the place of holding said Convention.

On motion of W.J. Greenly, it was

Resolved, That this Convention elect five delegates to the National Convention.

On motion of W.T. Boyd, it was

Resolved, That the house resolve itself into a committee of the whole, by appointing S. Jones, Chairman; and then proceed to the election of the five delegates to the National Convention.

Which resulted as follow: W. J. Greenly, of Floyd County; John G. Britton, of Marion; Rev. J. J. Fitzgerald , of Jefferson; John A. Warren, of Clarke, and Thos. Bushrod of Marion.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 2'o clock, P.M.


MONDAY, 2 o'clock, P. M.

The Convention met per adjournment, the President in the Chair. Prayer by Rev. B. Crider. Roll called. The minutes of the fifth session were read, received, and adopted.

On motion, it was

Resolved, That two reserved delegates to appointed to fill vacancies.

Upon which, John H. Morris, of Tippecanoe, and Wm. T. Couzins, of Clarke, were appointed.

On motion of W. J. Greenly, it was

Resolved, That there be an agent appointed by this Convention to canvass the State of Indiana, to lecture our people upon their present condition, the object of the proposed National Convention, and to collect money to defray the expenses of the delegates to the National Convention. The agent shall make a report to the chairman of the Central Committee.

On motion of J. A. Warren, it was

Resolved, That W. J. Greenly be appointed the agent to canvass the State, and that he be allowed 25 cents on the dollar for all the moneys he may collect for the purpose named in the above resolution, and his traveling expenses paid.

On motion of J.J. Fitzgerald,

WHEREAS, Virtue, knowledge, and happiness always dwell together, and the existence of one depends upon the other, Therefore,

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