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The Minutes of the State Convention of the People of Color of the State of Indiana

1851 Indianapolis State Convention.compressed.7.pdf

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MONDAY MORNING, 9 o'clock, Aug. 4th, 1851.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment. President in the Chair; prayer by the Rev. W.T. Couzins. The roll was called ; the minutes of the fourth session read, received, and adopted.

The report of the committee in reference to the amount of taxable property owned by the people of color of Indiana, was called for, when the said the committee reported that they were not able to ascertain the amount, to report to this Convention. The report was received, and the committee discharged,

The order of the day was suspended, until a communication from the Governor (sent by Mr. Bushrod,) to the Convention be read.

The same was read and a vote of thanks tendered the Governor for his kindness.

The third resolution was again taken up, and debated with much ability on both sides, when Mr. Fitzgerald offered the following amendment, to wit: Insert, after the word "emigrate," "to Canada, Jamaica, or elsewhere, in preference to Liberia ;" which amendment was adopted.

The resolution as amended, reads as follows:

Resolved, That should the laws of the State of Indiana become so oppressive as to be intolerable, we recommend our people to emigrate to Canada, Jamaica, or elsewhere, in preference to Liberia.

On motion, it was

Resolved, That the above resolution, as amended, be adopted.

The second resolution was again taken from the table, on its adoption, which was debated with much ability on both sides. Supported by Messrs. J. M. Brown, J. J. Fitzgerald, and J. A. Warren ; and opposed by Messrs. T. Bushrod. P. B. Delaney, and C. C. Brown. W. H. Greenly offered a resolution in lieu of the one under debate, as follows:

Resolved, That this Convention recommend the people of color through the State of Indiana, to use every lawful means in their power, while in the State, to prepare themselves for their future elevation; which motion did not prevail.

A division of the house was then taken upon the previous resolution, and adopted by a vote of 19 to 5.

The following preamble and resolutions were offered by W.H. Greenly.

WHEREAS, The Colonization Society has been engaged for years past, up to the present, in devising ways and means to colonize the people of color of the State of Indiana in Liberia ; AND WHEREAS, Many have been under the impression that the present Convention was called for the purpose of deciding in favor of emigrating to Liberia ; notwithstanding we believe the motives of many to be pure, though misguided by

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