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Colored Convention of the Texas Farmers Association


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Resolved. That this convention elect two agents whose duty shall be to organize a society in every county of the State, to be officered by a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and secretary; that said society shall be authorized to sell shares in their respective counties, and that all monies collected, less ten per cent, for expenses, be turned over to the general Treasurer of the association, who shall receipt for the same.

A resolution was offered to the effect that the agents be empowered to solicit donations from the friends of the "association."

Mr. Davis, of Navarro, offered a substitute changing the word association to "negro." A long discussion ensued, during which, the delegates aired their voices.

The substitute was changed so as to read "friends of the colored people," which was lost, and the resolution as originally framed adopted.

Mr. Jackson, of Navarro, submitted the following, which was adopted :

Resolved, That this convention extend the invitation to purchase shares to the colored people of all the Southern States.

The resolution of Mr. Coleman, of Collin, relative to the adoption of the Corsicana paper, as the organ of the association, was called up, and after an acrimonious debate was disposed of by adopting the following substitute :

Whereas, There are four or five newspapers edited and controlled by the colored people in the State of Texas, and whereas, the association is not as yet extensively organized throughout the State to sufficiently support any paper at present, be it resolved,

First, That this association have no particular organ.

Second, That we invite the papers throughout the State to publish all matters appertaining to the association.

Pending discussion, Mr. Barrett, of Kaufman, opposed the right of the convention to dispose of the first resolution by cramming it down by the substitute.

The chair charged Mr. Barrett with attempting to foist upon the convention an individual paper in which he was interested.

The Committee on Nominations presented the following report:

Board of Directors—W R Carson, A R Griggs, Clem Pierce, Albert Gray, S H Smothers, J H Brenham, R W Cook, T V B Davis, J C Ceasar, D L Coleman, W T Templin, D A Jackson, S H Smith, G W Brown, A S Richardson.

Mr. Collins, of Kaufman, put in an appearance and his right to participation in the deliberations of the convention was recognized. He represented one hundred and fifty exodusters from Caddo, Louisiana, about to leave for Kansas, who desired to come to Texas and locate on the proposed colony, if the benefits of the association were extended to Louisianians as well as Texans.

Mr. Davis, of Navarro, moved that the board of directors go to work immediately to encourage immigration to Texas by providing

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