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Colored Convention of the Texas Farmers Association


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Very Important Results of the Deliberations of? the Colored People in Convention to Consider Colonization and the Exodus Question— Adjourned Sine Die.

The convention met pursuant to adjournment and was opened with prayer.

The roll of delegates was called and minutes of the previous meeting corrected and adopted.

The Committee on Constitution and By-laws reported the following:


Article 1. This organization shall be called the Texas Farmers' Association.

Art. 2. The object of this association shall be to assist its members in acquiring and improving homesteads in the State of Texas.

Art. 3. This association shall be incorporated under the laws of Texas, and its domicile shall be at Dallas, Texas, for the first two years from the date of organization, and be from that time in the county in which the colony shall be located.

Art. 4. The capital stock of the association shall consist of 4,000 shares of $25 each, to be paid in such installments as the association may direct.

Art. 5. The business of the association shall be managed by a board of fifteen directors, who shall be elected annually by the stock-holders.

Art. 6. The Board of Directors shall organize by electing from their own number a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The officers of the Board of Directors shall be ex-officio officers of the association.

Art 7. The meetings of the association shall be held annually at the place of its domecile, on the first Monday in January.

Art. 8. The officers and agents of this association shall be required to give such surety for the faithful performance of their duties as the association shall direct.

Art. 9. The association shall have the power to make such by-laws for its government as may be necessary to carry out the objects of the organization.

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