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Colored Convention of the Texas Farmers Association


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The Reasons Why Colored People say they Should Exodust.

Though they Steered Clear of Politics and Schemes, Yet the Bug Crops Out.

The Hub Shows its Cloven Foot by the Direct Admission of President Alden,

Who Claims that Texas is Really Republican, Especially North or the Texas Pacific Line.

Railroad Interest Therein Developed.

[Special Correspondence of the News.]


DALLAS, February 20.—There seemed to be but one desire actuating the delegates to this body, convened for the purpose of discussing the exodus question, and that was the organization of a company of freedmen to settle in a colony in the northwestern portion of the state. The organization of an association with a capital stock of $100,000, cut up into 4000 shares of $25 each, officered exclusively by negroes, is pregnant with results. The scheme presents attractions to the satisfied and dissatisfied freeman. and appeals for aid to the philanthropist, and appeals for aid to the philanthropist, and that large, liberal class of religious fanatics who are crazed on the subject of the social, intellectual and material advancement of the negro. The manner in which the association is conducted challenges the attention of the planter, for if directed with honesty and good sense it will not only change the current of the exodus within twelve months, but infect districts which have heretofore been free of the fever. The association is backed by the movement which has for its platform the following extract from the


"The whole question of emigration, as it now stands, lies in three propositions, one of which every freedman must choose: First, he must remain as he is under the political trinity of despotism; be denied the free ballot conferred upon him by the amendments to the United States constitution: or second, he must, vi et armis (by force of arms,) maintain those rights against rebel despotism, with the "federal bayonets" in rebel hands; or third, he must quietly if he can, forcibly if he must, emigrate to the public lands in the west, preempt a farm, and enjoy the rights of citizenship under a republican form of government."

While the convention evinced throughout its deliberations a purpose to steer clear of he? emigration business and semi-political societies purporting to be in aid of the transfer of freedmen from the plantation to the cheap unoccupied lands of the west, yet the proceedings in the matter of adopting an organ leaves a lurking suspicion that the Texas association is but auxiliary to the nation farmers association. The president of this association is the author of the following letter in reply to charges of

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