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Minutes of the Union Temperance Convention of the Colored Citizens : of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

1843 Regional Convention in Salem 15.pdf

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    Brethern, all that is required is, that you should feel a sense of your responsibilities to your fellows and to God, and then live up to them.  And to this, does this Convention now call you. 
    in this great effort for elevation above Intemperance, we not only invite the co-operation; but in the name of suffering and debased humanity. in the name of religion, in the name of a common Master and Father, we lay claim to the sympathies and the exertions of our Brethern. The moral efforts herein required are of such a character, that no man can claim exemption from them. In moral reformation, the interests of all men, are the interests of every man. The relation we sustain to our fellows connect the hearts of universal humanity, "No man liveth to himself" we are placed in this world to devote our being to the glory of God and the well being of man. 
    It is our duty then to lend our influence, and expend our powers in the promotion of such a hallowed moral effort as Temperance. Not only so. Our happiness is connected with doing good. We receive as we give. Just in proportion as we are active in saving man from evil, and plucking him from ruin; so are we blessed in hearts and increased in Spiritual power. 
    In order then to give efficiency to the views herein set forth, and bring out more exertion in the cause of temperance, and save the people from the cursing influence of Alcohol; the Convention have adopted certain plans and measures which they commend to your notice and regard. 
    We have appointed a Central Committee to have charge of the general concerns of the cause in the States represented in this Convention. We have located committees in the several chief points in these States. It desires by these agencies to quicken into effort the moral power and ability of the different States, and all the counties, and towns, and villages in them. We desire to bring the claims of this cause before every individual in these States. We wish that the blessed influence of temperance should visit every fireside, that its moral power should be felt in every soul. 
    Brethern, we call upon you for this great moral effort. We ask the young, the aged, the wise, the reflective, and the eloquent, to come forward and present their respective offerings at the shrine of temperance. We invite the exertions of the whole people. We would see every cloud of moral abasement dispersed--every vestige of intemperance destroyed. 
    Come forth then Brethern, in this glorious heavenly cause, and yours will be the blessings of many ready to perish. You will receive the benedictions of the fatherless. You will cause the widows heart to sing for joy. The atmosphere of morals shall be purified through your exertions. You will send forth healing influence in all relations of life. You will gain for your own hearts the most blessed assurances, spread abroad a saving power among the people, and send down to future times the light and energy of sound moral principles, and exertions. 




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