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Minutes of the Union Temperance Convention of the Colored Citizens : of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

1843 Regional Convention in Salem 12.pdf

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Letters from Theo. S. Wright, and Wm. P. Johnson, of New York, and from H. Gibbons, of Philadelphia, were received and read.

Letters were received by the Corresponding Committee, from Mount Holly, and from Darby, expressing their good wishes towards the cause: and their regrets that owing to the late reception of the circular, --they were prevented from sending delegates to attend the Convention. Number of members to the Mount Holly Temperance Society, 227.



Committee to Nominate Officers.

Gideon Lewis, of Bordenton, New Jersey.

Joshua Woodland, of Burlington, New Jersey.

Thomas B. Walker, Wilmington. Delaware.

James Campbell, do do

Samuel Van Brackle, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rev. Alexander Crummell, do do


Officers of the Convention.

President, James M'C. Crummill, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Vice President, John W. Adams, of Wilmington, Delaware.

do Rev. E. P. Rogers, of Trenton, New Jersey.

do Isaac J. White, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

do Joshua Woodland, of Burlington, New Jersey.

do Rev. Thomas Watkins, of Baltimore, M'd.

do Levy Anderson, of Wilmington, Delaware.

do Rev. Charles W. Gardiner, of Philadelphia, P'a.

Secretaries, Dan'l B. Anderson, of Wilmington, Del.

John Lewis, of Philadelphia, P'a.


Committee to prepare Business for the Convention.

A. D. Shadd, of Westchester, P'a. E. P. Rodgers. Rev. Alex. Crummell. Samuel Van Brackle. J. J. G. Bias. J. Woodland. J. W. Admas.


Committee on Address.

Rev. A Crummell, A. D. Shadd, C. P. Rogers.


Executive Committee

Jas. J. G. Bias, Samuel Harrison, A.D. Shadd, West

Rev. Stehen Smith, Williams B. Adams, West Chester, P'a

Sam'l Van Brackle, Isaiah Wears, Gideon Lewis, New

Jas. M'C Crummill, Z. Purnell, Jersey.

Ignatius Beck, Henry Cornish, J.W. Addams, Del.

George Simpson, George Amos, Rev. E. P. Rorgers,

John E. Moore, H. Davis, New Jersey

Wm. Burleigh, W. Whipper, Col. P'a. H.H. Webb, M'd.

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