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Minutes of the Union Temperance Convention of the Colored Citizens : of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

1843 Regional Convention in Salem 8.pdf

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pay one Dollar towards paying the expense of publishing the minutes.

On motion—it was resolved, that the Foreman of each Delegation, give a verbal statement of the rise and progress of their respective Societies.

On motion,—adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock, P. M.


The Convention opened with prayer,—and according to rule.

On motion—of Mr. Burleigh, the Rev. Mr. Kennady, was invited to address the Convention.

Mr. Kennady, came forward, and in a very prepossessing style, addressed the house in approval of the proceedings that he had witnessed during the sitting of the Convention; and in behalf of the white citizens of Wilmington, assured the Convention of their approbation, and entire approval of the whole proceedings.

On motion—a vote of thanks was tendered to Rev. Mr. Kennady, for his address, and also to the citizens generally of Wilmington, for their kind feelings manifested towards the Convention, and the delegates during their sojourn in the city.

On motion—the Rev. Mr. Crummell, addressed the house. The hour of adjournment according to previous resolution, having now arrived, the President informed the house of the same; but as some important business had not yet been transacted, the Rev. Mr. Kennady, stated to the house that the Church was under his charge, and that he and many of the white citizens being present, the Convention might hold its session until as late an hour as it thought proper, and that they would take the responsibility upon themselves.

By request of several white gentlemen, Mr. J. J. G. Bias, addressed the house. Several other gentlemen also addressed the house.

On motion—votes of thanks were tendered to the Preacher, and Trustees of Esion Church, for the use of the Church—and to Mr. Adams, for the use of the School house.

On motion—a vote of thanks was tendered to Capt. Whilldin, of the Steamboat SUN, for his liberality in not charging full price for the passage of delegates to, and from the Convention. On motion,

Resolved,—That this Convention tender a vote of thanks to our respected President, for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of his office. On motion,

Resolved,—That a vote of thanks be tendered to the Vice Presidents, and Secretaries. On motion,

Resolved,—That we record a grateful sense of thankfulness to Almighty God, for the peace and blessedness we have enjoyed during our Session. Adjourned sine die.

Benediction by the Pastor in charge.

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