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Minutes of the Union Temperance Convention of the Colored Citizens : of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

1843 Regional Convention in Salem 4.pdf

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Session opened with prayer,--and according to rule.

On motion,--It was resolved, that each Delegate, pay 12 ½ cents, to defray expenses.

The Business Committee, Reported the following preamble and Resolulions:--

Whereas, the condition of the Colored People in the Union generally, and in the States, which we represent in this Convention particularly, is a sad, depressed and degraded one; and, whereas, most of the evils and afflictions which effects us retard our progress, and prevent our elevation, originate in moral debasement, and the lack of spiritual emotions and activities; and, whereas, happiness is ever attendant upon moral exertion: efforts of a reformatory character are adapted to elevate, bless and ennoble a people; Therefore,

1st. Resolved,--That the Colored people of the States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia, are called upon,--and are in a duty bound to come forward and exert themselves in behalf of Reform.

2d. Resolved,--That inasmuch, as Intemperance is a leading blight, and a curse among our people: efforts to stay its progress, and neutralize its power, are imperatively demanded.

3rd. Resolved,--That in order to aid in this great moral effort: it is fit and proper, and highly expedient, that we should have met, as we have in Convention to deliberate, and plan measures for the furtherance of the glorious cause of Temperance.

4th. Resolved,--That as a Convention, we are firmly convinced that it is the highest expediency; and, not only the highest expediency, but the safest course: not only the safest course, but the most healthy course, and not only these, but especially Right in the eternal nature of things, to abstain from all intoxicating, and therefore poisonous drinks, as a beverage.

5th. Resolved,--That TOTAL ABSTINENCE, then, from every thing intoxicating, is the principle of this Convention, and the great object which it is the purpose of this Convention to promote.

6th. Resolved,--That in order to disseminate the principles of this Convention, and to arouse our Brethern to earnest, and hearty cooperation in the cause of Temperance, that a Committee of three, E, be appointed to draft a short address, calling upon the people to engage in the glorious cause.

They having been read, and accepted.

On motion,--They were taken up seperately; for the action of the Convention.

On motion,--The preamble was taken up; and after some discusion it was adopted. After its adoption, several members manifesting dissatisfaction, relative to the words "degradation" and "debasement:" it was moved and carried, that the preamble be reconsidered. An animated discusion ensued: until,--On motion, it was laid on the table, until after the consideration of the resolution

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