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Minutes of the fifth annual convention of the colored citizens of the state of New York : held in the city of Schenectady, on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of September, 1844.

1844 Schenectady NY National Convention_cropped.9.pdf

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Dr. Smith's amendment, which was under discussion at the close of the morning session, was taken up and adopted. The resolution as amended was then further considered, and finally postponed—indefinitely.

Two Letters were then read, coming from Rev. Theodore S. Wright and Charles B. Ray of New York. The Postscript to Mr. Ray's letter containing an objectionable "Protest" was referred to the Business Committee.

The Business Committee then presented a Protest from citizens of New York, protesting against some of the doings of last year's convention, with a request that it be recorded on the minutes of this convention.

Dr. Smith gave a plain history of the protest, and made an appeal in its favor, which was also sustained by Messrs. Videl, Myers, Powel, and R. Thompson of Albany.

The Protest was opposed by Rev. H. H. Garnet, and Messrs. W. P. Johnson and Moreton. An exciting debate on the protest was continued by the gentlemen mentioned above, until the hour of adjournment. On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 7 1-2 o'clock, P.M.

Wednesday Evening.—President in the Chair. Prayer by Mr. Serrington of Rochester. Minutes of the afternoon read and approved. As gentlemen who spoken on the protest in the afternoon had occupied their full time allotted by the rules, a resolution was adopted suspending the rules during the discussion on the protest. The protest having been read by the Secretary, Henry H. Garnet resumed his argument against it.

He was followed by Dr. Smith in favor ; and the debate on recording the Protest was closed by Wm. P. Johnson, negative, and Ulyssis B. Videl, affirmative.

On taking vote, the yeas and nays were called for and the following was the result.

YEAS.—Albert Brown, William Rich, J. W. Randolph, Peter P. Feler, Ralph Francis, Stephen Myers, Richard Thompson, James McCune, Ulyssis B. Videl, Patrick H. Reason, Wm. P. Powell.—11

NAYS.—Reuben Murray, Francis Simpson, Tobias Harklis, F. Thompson, James Jackson, Moses Wilcox, Peter Wandell, Henry Harris, John Wandell, Richard Sampson, Thomas Gray, Francis Dana, G.B. Moreton, E. George, Samuel Lawyer, Lewis Washington, Abram Jackson, Thomas Addison, Wm. Begget, Geo. W. Gordon, Abram Stanley,

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