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Official proceedings of the Ohio State Convention of Colored Freemen : held in Columbus, January 19th-21st, 1853.


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On motion, the following gentlemen were appointed a committee on nominations:

Jno. T. Ward, J. J. Pierce, Thomas Jefferson, R. B. Leach, J. Mercer Langston.

On motion, the convention adjourned to meet at half past 2 P.M.



President Cox in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Jeremiah Bowman of Fairfield.

After reading the minutes of the forenoon session, the committee on nominations reported the following:

For President, ANDREW J. GORDON of Cuyahoga.

For Vice Presidents, J. J. Pierce of Erie, H. F. Douglass of Franklin J. Mercer Langston of Lorain, Alexander Ferguson of Hamilton, Wm. Norman of Ross, Thos. Jefferson of Montgomery, D. Roberts of Seneca.

Secretaries, C. H. Langston of Franklin, John R. Bowles of Greene, Jas. H. Yancey of Miami, Rev. E. Davis of Franklin.

Chaplain, Rev. I. Martin of Morrow.

On motion of L. D. Taylor, it was

Resolved, That there be a committee of nine appointed to report business for the consideration of the convention.

The following gentlemen were appointed:

Business Committee, W. H. Day, John Johnson, John F. James, Alex. Ferguson, S. Cox, Anthony Young, James Davis, J. Mercer Langston, and L. D. Taylor.

Mr. L. D. Taylor presented the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That there be a committee of five members, to prepare rules to govern our deliberations.

The following gentlemen were appointed: D. Jenkins, John Watson, John Tooker, R. B. Leach, James H. Yancey.

L. D. Taylor presented the following resolution:

Resolved, That as birth gives citizenship, we claim under the Constitution and Declaration of the United States, and the Constitution of this State, our rights as citizens; therefore, laws that have been, or may hereafter be passed, depriving us of citizenship, are unconstitutional, thereby null and void; and as we are taxed, we have and claim the right to vote.

The following resolution was offered by C. H. Langston:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to request the House of Representatives now in session in this city, to allow one of the members of this convention to present to their honorable body while in session, the claims of the colored people of Ohio.

These gentlemen were appointed said committee: C. H. Langston, D. Jenkins, J. T. Ward.

Mr. E. M. K. Glen then, by invitation, came forward and addressed the convention at length, in behalf of the bail of Wm. L. Chaplin. He thought that Mr. Chaplin was doing the work of God and humanity, and the bail should be aided. He said that $18,000? had been raised and paid for the bail in Maryland, and two thousand paid on the bail of six thousand dollars in Washington. He then called upon the audience to throw in what ever they might think proper to aid him in this great cause.

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