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Proceedings of the Colored National Labor convention : held in Washington, D.C., on December 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1869.

1869-WASHGINGTON DC-Colored national Labor Convention 42.pdf

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Union and Bureau of Labor. In his absence the Assistant Secretary shall perform the duties of his office.


SEC. 1. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys, pay all bills and orders that may be drawn on him, and properly attested. He shall keep a debit and credit account, and report at each meeting of the Bureau of Labor. He may be required to give such bonds with such security as the Bureau may require.


SEC. 1. The Bureau of Labor shall meet at least once in each month, at such time and places as the interest of the Union may require. They shall fill all vacancies in said Bureau. They shall have power to grant charters to the various organizations in the different States. In connection with the President they shall advise and superintend the organization of Labor Unions, land, loan, building and co-operative associations generally. in different States. They shall inquire into and inform the various organizations as to when, where, and how money can be obtained, in what sums, and at what rate of interest, and what security will be required. They shall give especial attention to protecting the rights of the workingmen of the various organizations, chartered by the National Labor Unions, in bringing to justice those States as may be necessary for the interest and advancement of the condition of the laboring cases.

SEC. 2. They shall regulate the salary of the President, Secretary, and such other officers as may be necessary to accomplish the objects of the National Labor Union.

SEC. 3. They shall report annually to the National Labor Union the condition of the various organizations, also the general condition of the colored labor in the United States, with such recommendations as they may think necessary.

SEC. 4. They shall, in connection with the President, act as agents for the securing of employment, to labor of all kinds, and its transfer from one State to another.

SEC. 5. All communications in relation to Business pertaining to the Labor Union of Bureau of Labor, must be marked on the envelope "official," and addressed to the President, post Office Box --, Washington, D. C.


SEC. 1. Seven members, in any organization, shall be sufficient to apply for a charter, which shall be granted on the payment of five dollars.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of each organizations to prepare an annual statement of the condition of said organization, with such other information as may be to the interest of working men, and forward it to the Bureau at least one month before the meeting of the National Labor Union, that the reports may be printed for the use and benefit of the National Labor Union at its annual meetings.


SEC. 1. Each local organization or representative shall pay a tax of ten dollars annually per member. The tax of an organization shall be paid on the presentation of the credentials of the delegate; and no delegate shall be allowed to take part in the deliberations of the Union until the tax is paid.


SEC 1. The meeting of the National Labor Union shall be held on the second Monday of December in each year; and shall commence its session at 12, M.

SEC. 2. Special meetings of the National Labor Unions may be called by the President upon the request of the Bureau of Labor.

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