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Proceedings of the Colored National Labor convention : held in Washington, D.C., on December 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1869.

1869-WASHGINGTON DC-Colored national Labor Convention 38.pdf

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Joseph Brooks,

11th street, between Q and R, Asst. Com.,

2nd Ward,

William H. Brown ,

James H. Searles,

Jerry Grandison,

Michael Crotty,

William Hobbs,

A. M. Green,

505 Mass av Asst. Com. 4th Ward,

Charles O. Moor,

William B. Jones,

266 south D street, Barber,

Mrs. B. A Lockwood,

Mrs. C. T. G. Colby,

Mrs. J. S. Griffing,

Miss L. S. Hall,

Miss M. A. O'Connor,

G. T. Needham,

George B. Vashon,

Bureau Satstics, Wash'n D.C.,

Francis Taverns,

Treasury Dep't, Wash'n D.C.,

Andrew Freeman,

Treasury Dep't, Wash'n D.C.,

Henry J. Cryer,

Treasury Dep't, Wash'n D.C.,

Louis Simpson,

Treasury Dep't, Wash'n D.C.,

J. W. Mattingly.


Henry S. Harmon,

Gainesville, Attorney-at-Law,

C.M. Hamilton,

Washington DC, M. C.,

Noah Graham,

Tallahassee, Carpenter,

E. S. Francis,

Palatka, Carpenter,

Thomas Harold,

Pensacola, stevedore,

W. J. Purman,

Tallahassee, Attorney-at-Law.


A. Smith,

Columbus, Merchant,

J. M. Simma,

Savannah, Minister,

William J, White,

Augusta, Assistant Assessor Int. Rev,

J. F. Wong,

Macon, Tailor.


J. Willis Menard ,

A. Barber,

P. M. Williams,

R. P. Cromwell,

A. L. Borie, Henry Clay.


Sella Martin,

Washington D. C.,

F. G. Barbados,

Washington D.C., Clerk,

Archibald McLane,

Boston, Plasterer,

Francis H. Fletcher,

Salem, Glazier,

S. P. Cummings,

37 1/2 Cornhill street, Boston, Printer.


William Perkins,


Henry Jones,

John H. Butler,

2 South Howard Street, Baltimore,

R. H. Butler,

22 Orchard St, Baltimore, Engineer,

Philip Kennedy,

J. R. Henry,

Ellicott City, minister,

R. B. Sorrel,

Baltimore, M. D.,

Charles Roles,

James Hammond,

East Street, Baltimore, Caulker,

Daniel Davis,

William W. Hare,

Daniel Finley,

William Gaunt,

William Griffin,

Joseph Thomas,

South Howard street, Baltimore,

Isadore D. Oliver,

Custom House, Baltimore,

H. C. PInders,

George Dennis,

Isaac Myers,

Box 522, Baltimore, Caulker,

George Myers,

122 Dallas st. Baltimore, Caulker,

A. Ward Handy,

North Frederick street, Baltimore ,

Mrs. Marcella Thompson,

Frederick City, Dressmaker,

George H. Hughes,

P. O., Baltimore, Merchant.

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