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Proceedings of the Colored National Labor convention : held in Washington, D.C., on December 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1869.

1869-WASHGINGTON DC-Colored national Labor Convention 37.pdf

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List of Delegates


James T Rapier, Montgomery, Farmer


FG Barbadoes, Washington, DC Clerk


Charles M. Mclinn, 20 Winter St., New Haven


JW Layton,

David H. Gustus,

William H. Day,

William H. Colwell,

Stansberry Murray,

Joseph T. Scott,

Benjamin Grovur,

James Chambers,

Benjamin Purnell,

James H. Jones,

Peter Spencer Williams,

John Vining,

Thomas Harden,

Joseph G. Walker,

D. P. Hamilton,

Francis H. Norton,

Caleb Melbourne,

Abraham Murray,

A.E. Veazey,

828 French St., Wilm'n, Carpnter,

Levi Anderson,

James Donan,

James Anderson ,

James Hardes,

William Doyle,

Moses Wilson ,

William P Sampson,

James Pillman,

William Sharper,

Henry Stewart,

Edward Williams,

William Elias,

Isaac Carty,

Emmanuel Dudley,

Charles Lockeman,

Jeremiah Huston,

Ezekiel Colwell.

District of Columbia

Joseph Smallwood,

John H. Butler,

D. A. Fish,

Colin Crusor,

John H. Williams,

W. J. Wilson,

Allen Coffin,

William H. Baker,

John Wright,

Charles T. Moseby,

Louis H. Douglas,

L street, between 13th and 14th,

Robert Hatton,

James N. Ferguson,

William S. Morse,

James Adams,

John H. West,

George T. Corley,

P. H. Donegan ,

221 F street, brixk maker,,

Robert Armstead,

John Shankley,

Frederick Douglass Jr,


J. Bell Adams,

4 1/2 and E street south, Plasterer,

John H. Lee,

William Young,

William Edenborough,

Patrick Foley ,

James N. Talley,

Albert Manning,

542 8th street, Carpenter,

James H. Jones,

Alonzo Bowen,

85 E street south, Messenger,

Charles H. Douglass,

Cornelius Clark,

S. G. Brown,

Charles H. Peters,

E. S. Atkinson,

C. B. Purvis.

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