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Proceedings of the Colored National Labor convention : held in Washington, D.C., on December 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1869.

1869-WASHGINGTON DC-Colored national Labor Convention 35.pdf

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gratulating the craft on Mr. Lewis H. Douglass, a member of the craft, having received his rights in this District of Columbia in holding his position in the Government Printing Office.

Mr. Woodland, New Jersey, offered the following:

Resolved, That this Convention recommend to our people to abstain from the use of tobacco, and dealing in lotteries and policies, and the money be spent in purchasing homesteads.

Mr. S Lowry, of Tennessee, offered the following ; which was adopted :

"That, as this is a Convention in industrial, composed largely of colored people in a national council, for the education and elevation of the masses of our countrymen in the Southern States–

Resolved, That delegates, upon returning home, will call State conventions, and organize educational and literary societies in the counties, as far as possible, to act in conjunction with the Bureau, through State organizations, and ratify the objects of this body, and place them in harmony with the Bureau in its purposes."

Mr. J Milton Turner, of Mississippi, Offered the following; which was adopted:

Resolved, That this Convention distinctly disavow all responsibility for the sentiments expressed here to-day by Senator J. W. D. Bland apologizing for the negro-hating, unreconstructed rebels of Virginia, in the matter of test oath for office-holders in the State of Virginia.

The Finance Committee reported that $289 84 had been collected in cash ; $155 90 expended ; $133 44 on hand ; and $105 had been pledged; that, in order to carry on the work of this Bureau, more funds were wanted; Therefore—

Resolved, That the Vice Presidents of each of the States be requested to collect and forward to the Treasurer of the Bureau, five dollars from each of the counties in the States as soon as possible.

The report was adopted; and the resolution laid on the table.

Mr. J. P. Evans offered the following ; which was adopted.

Resolved, That we recommend to the delegates here assembled to procure of their constituencies, on their return home, statistics, showing the number of societies of various kinds, embracing wealth and strength of said societies, and forward the same to the Bureau at Washington for publication.

Mr. A Manning, of the District of Columbia, offered a resolution of thanks to the publishers of the Evening Star, National Republican, and Daily Chronicle, for the favorable reports of the proceedings of this Convention published in their columns. Adopted.

Rev. Anthony Bowen, of this District, offered a resolutions, that all the ministers of the Gospel, who were delegates here, on their return home, would, with one universal unity of action, offer up prayer to Almighty God for the amclioration of the condition of their race, and for His blessing on their efforts as shown in this Convention. Adopted.

A resolution of thanks was also passed, to the President of this Convention, Hon J. H. Harris, for the ability impartiality with which he has presided over this assembly.

Hon. H. S Harmon, of Florida, offered the following; which was adopted.

Resolved, That this National Convention, appreciating the noble and untiring service of Mrs. Josephine Griffing during the period of seven years, in aid of the poor people of our race, which has resulted in securing homes and employment for over six

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