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Record of action of the convention held at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., July 15th and 16th, 1863, for the purpose of facilitating the introduction of colored troops into the service of the United States.


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That the movers of this Rebellion are mad, utterly insane, no reasonable man can doubt, else whence the horrible blasphemy - not in words, but in bloody deeds, and still more bloody intent, now expressed by millions? else whence the spirit which has prompted rational men to the suicidal policy of shattering to pieces the fairest fabric of human liberty ever erected on the soil of earth? else whence the perfect frenzy which sets men on in the face of the age, and before high heaven, to trail the banner of this proud nation, this hope of the world, this blessed refuge of the oppressed of all lands, in the dust? Aye, truly, the devil is the masterly engineer of this awful work of spoliation, ruin and disaster, else deluded men would never have dared to hurl an iron rain against the flag of the free, as it floated over Sumter's stony ramparts. Long flag of liberty! whose folds offered a shelter to all whose limbs have ever felt the gyves of European tyranny. Father of Mercy, what a spectacle! Men in arms battling for what mankind have ever fought against since the world began! Tyranny, despotism and human slavery! The banner whose blazonry is the stars of heaven, to fall tattered to the dust before the sulphurous hail of treason's cannonry! - a treason, too, more foul and despicable than aught ever before witnessed by His starry eyes looking down from the deep blue sky!

Such being the case, and their disease having proved to be incurable by ordinary means, such as Reason; Justice, Patriotism: therefore,

1. Resolved, That more effective remedies ought now to be thoroughly tried, in the shape of warm lead and cold steel, duly administered by two hundred thousand black doctors, more or less, under the direction of Surgeon-General John Charles Fremont, or such other person, fit for the office, as might be selected.

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