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Record of action of the convention held at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., July 15th and 16th, 1863, for the purpose of facilitating the introduction of colored troops into the service of the United States.


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radiant dome of all the broad heavens. It is one of the most sacred which the earth has ever groaned under or mankind ever witnessed, for the reasons that it is a combat for the sacred rights of Man against the myrmidons of Hell itself. It is a battle for the rights of self-government, true democracy, just Republicanism, and righteous principle, against anarchy, misrule, barbarism, human slavery, despotism and wrong. On the one side is arrayed the hosts of Belial, backed by Wilfulness, Injustice, Usurpation, Anger and Passion; on the other, in serried ranks, stand Honor, Human Liberty, Justice, Truth and Honesty. This is not a battle of boys, but a struggle of giants. Let the North be conquered, and the salt tears of the oppressed will water the ground for many a long decade of years, and many a hecatomb will uproar its head, and many a sod be nurtured by the blood of Liberty-loving human beings. The strife now waging is not between North and South -- is not only in behalf of the negro; but the greatest principles the world has ever known constitute the two halves of the casus belli -- barbarism and freedom -- civilization and slavery; it is a death-struggle between the feudal ages and the nineteenth century; and every drop of blood shed from Northern veins is a sacrifice on the holy altars of human freedom, and those forever consecrate to the ever-blessed Redeemer of Mankind! The impending issues are such that if the representatives of human liberty yield the battle, and retire ingloriously beaten, the age will recede a century, and the hands upon the clock of Progress will cease to move across the face of Time. Let the cohorts of freedom be beaten and disgraced, and not only all true lovers of the race will suffer, but every lover and true worshiper of the living God, will mourn over the desolation.

This contest is one in which every son and daughter of the land is, and of necessity must be, interested. It is the bounded duty of us all--all who are not craven

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