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Proceedings of the Colored People's Convention of the State of South Carolina, held in Zion Church, Charleston, November, 1865. Together with the declaration of rights and wrongs; an address to the people; a petition to the legislature, and a memorial to Congress.


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Resolved, That we fully approve of the course of the South Carolina Leader and pledge ourselves to its support.

Also the following, which was amended by motion of Mr. Robert Duncan:

Resolved, That we endorse that portion of the State Constitution of South Carolina that declares that "all power is vested in the people, and all free governments are founded upon their authority, and are instituted for their peace, safety and happiness," and that we reject the construction that has been placed upon it vesting the right of suffrage in only one portion of the people; and that while we accept qualifications, we reject discrimination because of color.

On motion of Mr. DeLarge, the rules applicable to hours of adjournment was suspended, and, on motion the Convention, adjourned over to 3 o'clock P. M.


Convention met, pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Rev. J. C. Gibbs. Roll called. Minutes of Morning Session read and approved.

The Business Committee brought forward the following named documents: 1st A Bill of Rights and Wrongs. 2d An Address to the People of South Carolina. 3d. A Petition to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina. 4th. A Memorial to the United States Congress. (Appended in full.)

On motion of Mr. J. J. Wright, they were adopted.

On motion, Revs. J. C. Gibbs, F. L. Cardozo, E. J. Adams, and R. H. Cain, were elected to honorary members of this Convention.

On motion, the House adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. _____


SATURDAY, November 25.

Convention met at 10 o'clock, Vice-President J. J. Wright in the Chair.

Roll called. Minutes of the previous Afternoon Session read and approved. Prayer by Rev. WIlliam Lyall.

Mr. J. C. Desverney read Resolution on Federal taxation and representation, making known our willingness to assume the former, provided we have guaranteed to us the right of the latter. It was referred, and the Committee subsequently reported unfavorably upon the same.

On motion, the Committee's report was tabled, and the Resolution warmly debated—Messrs. Ransier and J. C. Desverney for adoption, and Messrs. DeLarge and Nash against it. On a motion to adopt, it was considered lost.

A motion to reconsider, by E. C. Rainey, prevailed, and upon its being again put upon its passage, it was lost by a vote of eighteen to seventeen; the President voting in the negative.

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