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Proceedings of the Colored People's Convention of the State of South Carolina, held in Zion Church, Charleston, November, 1865. Together with the declaration of rights and wrongs; an address to the people; a petition to the legislature, and a memorial to Congress.


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tial manner in which he has guarded and protected the freed people of this Department, manifesting, in all of his intercourse with us, the spirit of the soldier, the patriot and the philanthropist.

The question here arose as to whether the reading of Resolutions by the Committee, was considered as its first reading. Some debate was had, when it was ordered, on motion of Mr. Ransier, that the reading of such by the Committee or an introducer, would only be considered as information received; that all such must receive two readings at least from the Secretary's desk.

Mr. Poinsett read a Resolution providing for a State Central Committee, which was referred to the Business Committee.

The Committee submitted the following Resolutions which were recommitted this morning. On motion, they were adopted:

Resolved, That as the old institution of slavery has passed away, that we cherish in our hearts no hatred or malice toward those who have held our brethren as slaves, but we extend the right hand of fellowship to all, and make it our special aim to establish unity, peace, and love amongst all men.

Resolved, That we encourage amongst the freedmen, education, industry and economy.

Mr. Myers read Resolutions setting forth our desire to live peaceably with all men—referred.

Capt. Wall addressed the Convention by request. Of course it was well received. He counseled calmness and moderation, dignity, and firmness. "Prove yourselves equal to the emergencies upon you, and all will be well,"

The Committee reported Resolutions relative to absent members, when the President declared the House adjourned, the hour of 2 having arrived


Convention met at half-past 5—rather late, according to rule.

Mr. James T. Carroll invoked the blessing of God upon our deliberations

Minutes of Morning Session read and approved.

The Resolutions introduced by the Committee this morning, for the imposition of fines upon absent members, were warmly debated by Messrs. Ransier, DeLarge, Nash, Edwards, and Chesnut. It was then put upon its passage. An amendment proposed was put and lost. The Resolution was then put and also lost.

On motion, it was ordered, that any member arriving in the House five minutes after roll call, must report to the President, and upon his failure to give satisfactory explanation, he shall be reprimanded by the Chair.

Mr. Rainey moved for the appointment of additional Sergeant-at-Arms. It was so ordered, and Messrs. Benj. Williams and McAlphin consented to serve.

The Business Committee reported Resolutions relative to a Central Com-

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