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Proceedings of the Iowa State Colored Convention : held in the city of Des Moines ; Wednesday and Thursday, February 12th and 13th, 1868.


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IOWA, 1868

The committee on resolutions, consisting of Alexander Clark, G. W. Kinney and J. Skipworth, presented the following report, which was adopted:

Resolved, That we still have confidence in the Republican Congress of the United States and the Republican party of Iowa, and rest in the hope that they will do all that can be done to secure us our full rights and protect our friends in the South from wrong and oppression.

Resolved, That the tendency toward an enlarged freedom which distinguishes our age, which in England bears the name of Reform,3 in Ireland the title of Fenianism,4 in Europe the name of Progress,5 and in this government the name of Radicalism, impresses us with the firm conviction that our claims to universal suffrage and impartial justice at home and abroad will soon be secured to all.

Resolved, That we hail with pleasure the manly conduct of our people in the unreconstructed States, and feel proud of their fidelity to the Union and the Republican party and its principles.

Resolved, That we recommend to our people throughout the country that patient pursuit of education, industry and thrift will certainly be rewarded with increasing intelligence and wealth.

Resolved, That we shall ever feel grateful to Major Henry O'Connor, Attorney-General of the State, for his independent and manly opinion, as given to the Legislature, upon the legality of submitting the question of suffrage by the present Legislature to the people at the next general election.

Mr. P. C. Cooper presented the appended resolution, which was adopted unanimously:

Resolved, That, having watched with much diligence and deep interest the course pursued on all questions affecting the well being of the colored people of Iowa by our friend and fellow citizen, A. Clark, that he has, as he must ever have, our full confidence and grateful thanks, but more especially in this last great and noble act in defending the rights of our children to be admitted into the public schools of the State, as the Constitution warrants.

Also the following resolutions:

Resolved, That the sincere thanks of this Convention are hereby tendered to the editors of the "Daily State Register," of Des Moines, for the friendly and favorable manner in which they have noticed this Convention, and for publishing the proceedings. "

Resolved, That this Convention tender their sincere thanks to the citizens generally of Des Moines, for the interest and attention which they have manifested in this Convention.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 2 p.m.

Afternoon Session.

Convention met at 2 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment--President in the chair.

Prayer by Rev. J. Skipworth. Roll called. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved.

On motion of Alex. Clark, the chair appointed an Executive Committee of five for the State, as follows: Alex. Clark, Muscatine,, Chairman; T. S. Carter, Des Moines; P. C. Cooper, Davenport; G. Phelps, Oskaloosa; Y. E. Anderson, Keokuk.

On motion of Alex. Clark, it was resolved that the letter from Dubuque be read, and that the Convention acknowledge Dubuque represented by letter, and that the name of J. E. Hugard be enrolled on the minutes. Adopted.

On motion, the Chair appointed a committee of three on finance, consisting of P. C. Cooper, S. J. Harris, J. Skipworth.

On motion, each delegate was taxed one dollar and each place represented two dollars.

The Finance Committee reported as follows: Cash collected $38.44; paid out for expenses, $11.73; balance, $26.71--to be appropriated to printing fund.

On motion, the Chair appointed Alex. Clark, P. C. Cooper and T. L. Carter a committee to prepare and publish the minutes.

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