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Proceedings of the Iowa State Colored Convention : held in the city of Des Moines ; Wednesday and Thursday, February 12th and 13th, 1868.


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RESOLVED, That we consider this, the 12th day of February, the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator and the devoted friend of our race, as an eminently fitting day for the colored people of Iowa to assemble in Convention; and that while we shall never cease to mourn the sad fate which robbed the nation of its chief and our people of their truest friend, we still rejoice that the good work which God commissioned him to do has been so nearly accomplished that the oppressor is now entirely powerless, and our race on the threshold of the day which shall give us all our rights as men.

Alex. Clark presented a code of rules for the government of the Convention, which was adopted:

1. That each session of the Convention he opened with prayer.

2. Upon the appearance of a quorum the president shall take the chair and call the Convention to order. Twelve or more members shall constitute a quorum.

3. The minnutes of the previous session shall be read at the opening of each session, at which time mistakes, if there be any, shall be corrected, unless otherwise ordered by the Convention.

4. The president shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Convention.

5. All motions and addresses shall be made to the President, the member rising from his seat.

6. All committees shall be appointed by the chair, unless otherwise ordered.

7. The previous question shall always be in order, and until decided shall preclude all amendments and debate of the main question, and shall be put in this form: "Shall the main question be now put?"

8. No member shall be interrupted whilst speaking, except when out of order, when he shall be called to order through the chair.

9. A motion to adjourn shall always he in order, and shall be decided without debate.

10. No member shall speak more than twice on the same subject without the consent of the Convention, nor more than 10 minutes at each time.

On motion, the chair appointed a committee of three--consisting of Alex. Clark, P. C. Cooper and G. Phelps--to prepare an address to be presented by the Convention to the people of Iowa.

By special request, Alex. Clark consented to address the Convention at 7 1/2 o'clock p .m.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 7 1/2 o'clock to hear the address of Alex. Clark.

Evening Session.

The Convention met--the President in the chair, who called the house to order.

Prayer by the Rev. Jesse Bass.

The President then introduced Alex. Clark, who proceeded to address the Convention and citizens upon the question of suffrage and human rights. He was followed by Major Henry O'Connor, Attorney-General of the State, in a fine and stirring speech. It was clear, strong, pointed and eloquent.

The Convention adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock A.M.


Thursday Morning, February 13, 1868.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment--the President in the chair.

Prayer by Rev. J. S. Skipworth.

Roll called. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved.

On motion, the chair appointed the follwoing members a committee on resolutions: Alex. Clark, G, Kinney and Rev. J. Skipworth.

The committee on address, through their chairman, Alex. Clark, presented and read the address as prepared by the committee; which was unanimously adopted.

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