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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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or should wishes, be entertained, hence it is a question lawful or illegitimate the committed people, that to they vote means, that to after elevate tampered of depositing the no man greatest with. the to office magnitude We, ballot, or therefore, it power has that been who recommend any by is suspicion any un¬ not fully to 6th. Legislative mend cally the that inseparable the the inviolability of a free colored representations rights citizens of every in all and American of ballot taxation and are a fair traditionally the counties citizen. of count. tion, of duty equitably who the the government, purpose hope 8th. 7th. are and of the voluntarily A Intelligence for\the to apply well state impartially of securing the regulated it perpetuity to is provide being their of the proper every basis voice form and in the Legislature We, Georgia of therefore the organize and state. histori¬ recom¬ for foundation of government; around therefore which it clusters is the S. J. A. W. Sykes, Easley, J. W. T. A. White, Pledger. money raised for the for education this purpose. of the masses, the distribute duty malitia of the being official state the recognition to defense properly and of provide safe-guard all connected Signed, J. with J. C. B. C. W. L. this Wimbish, Williams; Lyons, service. Chairman. and to justly and of our form for this institu¬ classes of citizens A. Wilson, R. S. Lovinggood, T. M. Dent. Lewis Williams, C. Max Manning, A. Graves, JB. *C. T. H. Harvey, Brightharp, J. A. C. W. Bryan, Burnett, Ishmael John Heard, Lonon, E. P. Holmes, E. K. Love, W. P. W. O. J. F. Holt, Nickerson, R. J. W. W. H. H. Hubbard, Marlow, Smith, Gaines. Committee. The committee on printing for amount H. M. necessary to print was authorized to assess the members for next meeting to Washington On motion tendered to Williams, the proceedings Esq., offered of the Convention. for of this Bishop offer. Turner, President for his the impartial the hospitality in pamphlet. the business of the Convention. A vote of thanks of and of Washington, Ga., thanks was tendered the Convention Avere able conducting of in hand. The finance committee reported all bills paid and a small balance The By motion President the made balance a vention The and Convention urging all then to go in hand few remarks after to work. a was divided between the secretaries. returning thanks to the- Con most harmonious session adjourned sine die. TO THE PEOPLE OF GEORGIA. respective begin put the the November. ple zation cate countersigned lay ing industrial made I, Macon Georgia therefore, of mechanic, wage their at and Having of at it one the upon on membership exhibiting obligatory by an shoulder worker, pursuit, the state, counties, dollar a early the appeal Under been vote 26th the by payment a date Every the are of to artizan, the piece, to upon elected of to and signed this eight the General to earnestly January, professional every pay one the arrange and great world of the President by hundred one can in Executive colored any President professional the wheel their the dollar, the requested aid person for County skill latent me resolution of money man, a of of State colored Board for and and in race can the powers, to man, woman this President which advancement General so become progress, form Fair State to establishing that men work. the give the they agricultural and seamstress, the assembled a Agricultural Secretary. and a mechanical member and The child will Executive State of County aid this shares receive the in Fair me of the clubs in organization, this The colored the genius, in thfe Society Secretary, Board have this cook, a state, present¬ farmer, in organi¬ certifi¬ city year. their been peo¬ and can the of to of ry, county a treasurer, organizations and our rules each as will many soon vice-presidents be county out, and is as entitled will they be late may to furnished a in desire. president, October, on By-laws or a demand. secreta¬ first for of

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