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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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UTES OF CONSULTATION CONVENTION. 27 •ul opted vrTfnn,hrr ^ tli^ir UinrlriPCQ of their house ^ illiams, Esq., offered following resolution which of anri toXp7 tefndeio0lir Rev. ftfelt thanks the Cotton Avenue Bap- Robinson, OonTM"'<>n and also gating the deacons ous ho^)itaTi1tyThat lhe subject S°°d citizens Macon kindly Atlanta next Bishop A motion H. M. committee of thanked gener- tall Turner, was the introduced and proposed Col. W. and National A. discussed Pledger. Exposition by Mai. beheld W. Easley, was six of made which and he shall adopted be chairman that the to President investigate appoint ter and in their judgment so in behalf of this Convention worthy our endorsement and the colored people the mat¬ they do Georgia. resolution The chairman Rev. appointed W. J. White, the following Augusta, Nathan Capt. Toomer, irnbish, Atlanta, Col. II. Col. committee Deveaux, AY. A. Pledger, under Savannah, the Atlanta, above Hon. Report Perry, Plon. A. Wilson. Bailey's Mills. committee on resolutions was submitted and adopted, as follows REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON RESOLUTIONS. Your committee on resolutions respect full}- submit the following report: assembled, bearing and We, prosperity upon the do representatives questions hereby the commonwealth. issue which the we the following regard colored as statement citizens Georgia, the people Convention the state, glory 1st. being vital interest the dition. with tion resolution 130 question Georgiav counties 2nd. of alarm to citizenship.- It to where Common be respectfully and the of called right this end, remonstrate this carriers upon state of that deprivation We the and to recommend are people, perform call may against properly endowed colored irrespective remedied. their the the that drawn, men high failure with rights the to duty certain press the people race, the discharge practiced, the jurors, franchises authorities color, consideration all therefore or the this previous given petition counties more high we by func¬ view than con¬ this and the state for the compassing the convenience the people the creatures citizen. We of therefore the state denounce, and are as amenable unmeasured terms, the law the as practice large; the humblest they rail¬ are roads their trains, in charging and then, colored defiance citizens their the plighted state first-class faith, coercing fare for passage them into on the amounted continuance acceptance 3rd. The to of action its the inferior withdrawal, appropriation of the accommodations. General for Assembly the causes Atlanta frivolous Georgia, University, and coupling with the insufficient, conditions that was unjust, throughout unfair the state and take illegal. steps We secure therefore the recommend next Legislature that representa people tives appropriation civilization; our equitable 4th. pledged The share present stain the that upon removal school, the penitentiary the landscript unfettered escutcheon these system fund conditions and the the untrammeled Georgia nation state; and the means bounty. foul restoration these blot conditions upon this our lators enrich classes of the themselves state, with but the slight expense regard and on the miseries the requirements which specu¬ the criminal law the rio-ht obligations demn svstem nitive organize of the justice of the themselves Georgia proper state to humanitv persons to punishment entrust We for that or recommend the corporations, or one purpose delegate creature transgressors that this the holds securing high people exercises function the another. legislative law, each under county but administering We representation we penitentiary deny Georgia con¬ pu¬ pledged more 5th in to The consonance the ballot abolition with all the Republican this enlightened system judgment our state and present erection day. one Democratic forms government the only means by which the citizen last resort, can express will

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