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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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TATION CONVENTION. amount stockholders, holders. shall have for the been purpose subscribed of permanent and paid organization ins meeting of the among the stock¬ Respectfully submitted, Smith W. Easley, shall call a Jr., Chairman, Daniel Mcllorton, Nathan Toomer, J. W. W. F. Searles, Bailey, L. Crawford, Thos. Joseph Peter John Isaiah Glenn, Thomas, Andrews, Ellington, Levell, Committee, B. E. A. N. T. D. S. McWhrrter. Jtiarvey, Jennings, Thurmond, After Hon. L. some Crawford slight amendments spoke eloquently the report was adopted. farming would State Agricultural accrue interest to the more Society. colored largely, people by supporting of of the many advantages that Georgia and if they giving would success foster to our the Holmes By motion were Hon. L. Crawford, Maj. S. W. appointed tural Society. Easley and Eev. E. P. to recommend officers for the State Agricul¬ The Finance Committee took up a collection amounting to $10, to pay off expenses. Committee to nominate officers for State Agricultural Society made the following report which was adopted: tural We, Society, your beg committee leave to appointed submit President the to following nominate : report: officers for * the State Agricul¬ District, Hon. • Hon. lor's J. Creek, B. Frazier L. Vice-Presidents Crawford, Tay¬ Darien, Ga. : 1st 6th Dist. R. M. Logan, Macon, 7th 2nd Dist. Peter Griffin, Smithville, 8rd Dist. — Williams, Dawson, 4th Dist. Augustus Gaines, Columbus, 5th Dist. C. C. Wimbush, Atlanta. Treasurer Rev. W. Dist, 8th Diet. 9th Dist. A. Robert Harrison S. Thurmond, Howell, Harris, Warsaw, Cedartown, Madison, 10th Dist. Rev. D. McHorton, Augusta. J. Maj. S. Secretary Gaines, Jr., Atlanta,

Ga. L. Crawford, The President Respectfully W. Easley, submitted, Atlanta, Ga. S. W. Easley, *J. proceedings Eev. W. Prof W. Lyons, J. H. White, in J. and pamphlet Rev. Rev. announced T. C. form, E. Max Turner. as the Manning, per following resolution Rev. committee D. of E. on P. printing Holmes. McHorton, the Convention


adopted Whereas, : ing the Unsolved, call journals R. of M. T. Hudson offered the following resolution which was of That this The Convention, this Negro Convention newspapers therefore do of extend be the it state a vote have of been kind thanks to in publish¬ all of said said State. Logan, Esq., offered the following adopted Whereas, lished the : Resolved. H. M. proceedings Williams, That The we Macon of extend Esq., this Telegraph Convention, and resolution the therefore Evening be News it which was have kindly pub¬ adopted Whereas,

which the Resolved, colored This people Convention of to them our sincere thanks for these courtesies.

offered the following resolution which was has met to seek redress for grievances Georgia suffer, therefore be it under Bishop H. M. That we appoint J. White, Lyons and Georgia Turner, Hon, A. and invoke Wilson their Dr. earnest to W. submit a J. consideration committee Gaines, our grievances Col. to of consist W. the A. to same. the of Pledger. Rev. next W. Capt. J. W. legislature of

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