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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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the t,nnea _ nil Maj. loads. spo Easly ~e warmly lie objected had of no to the particular naming treatment Atlanta's desire received to depot ride bv particularly. Dr. colored people on with white people other W2ei\ ^ right would ni st-class cany out passengers first-class rode. fare he If claimed the colored the men to ride where the recommendations of this committee of Georgia we would soon have proper accommodations adopted with some amendments. on all railroads. The report was resohrtfon^°W^n^ Rev. W. J. "White cornm^ee was appointed Augusta, in accordance with above Bishop H. M. Turner Atlanta, Rev. ja. Rev. J. Rev. Col. W. W. J. C. A. J. Bryan Gaines, Pledger D. D.. Americus, Atlanta, Athens, Capt. Hon. A. W. "Wilson... Lyons .Baily's Augusta Mills, " " " " Rev. B. T. E. Harvey. B. K. S. Love Williams. Esq... .Columbus, Savannah, LaGrange, Ga. Rev. Islimael Lonon.. Hon. L. Crawford .Albany, Darien, Col. Capt. J. Wimbisli,.. ."Atlanta, " " Rev. Maj. S. C. W. Upshaw, Easier, •' H. Deveaux.. Capt. R. M. A. Logan. Hawkins Esq .Savannah, Athens, Macon, Rev. W. H. Tilman, Rev. " " J. E. R. Carter, A statement was made in behalf Jno. T. Heard, White, Esq.... Esq Macon, Greensboro, Rev. L. Williams.. .Washington, of Col. J. H. Deveaux, Savan¬ nah, cultural REPORT Maj. expressing Society OF W. COMMITTEE his as Easley follows sorrow submitted ON not STATE being report able AGRICULTURAL Committee attend the on meeting. SOCIETY. State Agri¬ respectfully We n/r. recommend President:—We, and unarimously the immediate your submit Committee organization the following on State Agricultural Society, tion industrial ly, state among fairs, pursuits, the exhibiting colored people the mechanical the stare, for genius, the of purpose agricultural report: an Agricultural giving, productions, Associa¬ annual¬ the state. The organization the conduct treasurer, state, and who, and manage with ten and the vice-presidents, professional president, shall consist shall advancement one from constitute president, each congressional an the executive colored genera district secretary, people board, organize tary, cutive Board treasurer, his respective and the as districts many affairs vice-presidents into the county Association. clubs, as they with Each vice-president president, shall secre¬ and bv-laws members of for the shall their Association. arrange government, the The plans Executive and organization, draw may up desire. constitution The Exe¬ submit Board the same shall for issue approval monthly, the an agricultural Board fix the shall also journal, arrange salaries of all for the officers, the benefit prizes and other and the premiums members for exhibits. the Association. shall Any This also person dollar in may the become general funds member the expenses the Association. retary. committee certificate year, in whatever The of wishes Board membership, to city shall, remind they signed this possible, may worthy this Association, by ^select. the Association arrange gathering general for for submitting president upon which general the they and payment shall state general receive fair this sec¬ one fruitful results that accrue from the establishing the State grand, this Agricultural glorious report, your and As¬ sociation to the colored tention cannot be paid to people the agricultural our beloved state, and that too much ernment and honest For laborer, upon and the industrious jealous pride farmer, for interests the the skilled production mechanic, well regulated the faithful gov¬ wealth indispensable depends and It recognition class in this citizens, particular glory and the stability this useful and government among the other field great that the Negro rise the scales adorn glory the our energies world of the our galaxy'of in to race advanced the developing nations the world. Let bend Board shall at once and open the make illustrious civilization. subscription our old sisterhood resources, state book We recommend one for that stock, States the will and which brightest add that when the the controlling stars Executive fame sufficient that and

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