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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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... 24 MINUTES OF CONSULTATION CONVENTION. 1 J. H. Brown, Vice-Presidents. Esq., 2 Hon. Ishmael Lonon, 3 Prof. T. M. Dent, 4 B. T. Harvey, 5 7 6 Esq., Jr., - - ... - Congressional District. Savannah, Ga. Albany, Hawkinsville, Columbus, Atlanta, Macon, " " " " " Acworth, Athens, Gainesville, " " " Augusta, " Maj. Hon. S. P. W. 0. Holt, Easly, Rev. C. M. Manning, - 8 9 Thos. Capt. A. P. Hawkins, - 10 Capt. Morris, J. W. Esq., - Lyons, Recording D.F.Douglass, Esq., - - ... Secretary, - - - - Augusta, " Corresponding Secretary, John T. "White, Esq., - Treasurer, - - Macon, " Robert R. Battey, Esq., Chaplain, - Augusta, " Rev. E. P. Holmes, Macon, Rev. E. L. Martin submitted report of committee on " RAILROAD DISCRIMINATIONS. these railroad terment Mr. twenty-three President discriminations, of our conditions, and years Members beg of financially, freedom leave of to we this submit morally have Convention:—Your made the and following every intellectually effort to committee for wit: and the During have bet¬ on reasonably lands, have the wallsuooeeled. large interests in We city have properties, accumulate! have year a million acres of farm sons and per and cent daughters, have to of share our to illiteracy, to other deck states. every till we militia In are the able, district face after year reduced with our chaste and virtuous of with our growing teachers and wealth, ministers good the development, accommodations culture accorded and intellect, the lowest we are vagabond denied on account of our color, on we the have trains, to pay and as in the such richest sheds nabob as the of Atlanta the to make an effort to better this condition of white affairs. union race. of Therefore depot, the Feeling white we we, race; are the the injustice actuated though mem¬ bers of this Convention, under our most earnest consideration, which is now assembled in the city cars, the tickets, on demn the state Resolved, Resolved, and it railroads and and of rejecting Georgia. then put That and forth forcing us we, public fro The every the us, n the welfare of the colored of Macon, people have most barbarous in highways, in compelling discriminations us to purchase is made against first-class us and our wives first-class members effort and daughters to ride in smoking accommodation. in Therefore be it of our this power Convention denounce and con¬ home, or republican, stop Resolved to and this That every instruct that will our people not to put it down. member of this Convention be pledge to vote us, for that no he man, will use white every or Be it instructed black, democrat effort to further mission commodations. and most the further, railroad Therefore diabolical That authorities practice. be a committee it further to be have appointed first-class to see and the second-class State to go put a Com¬ ac¬ the requested mode no unjust United Resolved, Resolved of treatment and discrimination. States, further, urged That the that the to In Legislature change Inter-State we the abstain event this of of Commerce as mode Georgia a much of treatment as and Commission, possible the the Congress Railroad authorities so that there from of be shall be wrong travelling in this on such railroads, and patronize Signed: those S. C. failure to correct the Upshaw, railroads that Chairman; treat us best. R. J. D. Henry, Reed, D. Jolly L. Thomas, Solomon, R. Taylor, Whitman D. Murden, Chapman, R. Scott, E. Daniel C. L. T. Martin, Lewis, James, F. J. S. Joseph W. Paschal, Kellum, Neal, Jones,

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