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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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OP CONSULTATION CONVENTION. 23 until their successors the officers elected at hold tlieir seats until are the the elected, and. take tlieir seats. Provided, that annual organization MEETINGS. meeting of this in 1880. Union Brotherhood shall shall State The be Executive held meetings annually Council. of the at such State time Council and place of this as maybe Union Brotherhood fixed by the In each of the SENATORIAL Senatorial in whose Congressional District DISTRICT COUNCIL. Districts of Georgia, the Vice-President said Senatorial District is located, shall call who, a when meeting assembled, of delegates, shall to be elected district, constitute a by Senatorial the people District in each Council of the Union Brotherhood District Council shall be a of Chairman, Georgia. The officers of this Senatorial Chairman ber of the of each Senatorial District State Council of the Union Council Secretary, shall and be Brotherhood of Treasurer. ex-officw Georgia. The a mem¬ Should Vice-President any Senatorial in District whose be district located two in counties two Congressional are located, Districts shall have the jurisdiction over the COUNTY whole. AND CITY CHAIRMAN". Savannah, In each Macon, county of Athens, the state, Koine, and in Columbus the cities and of Atlanta, Brunswick, Augusta, the Vice President in whose district said county and city is located, shall call a mass meeting for the purpose of choosing a city chairman who shall be ex-o[ficio Union Brotherhood of Georgia. county and in counties where above cities are members Provided, of that the the State county Council jurisdiction chairman of the within the corporate limits of said located, shall not have cities, have jurisdiction outside SUB-ORTtANIZATIOXS. of said city. nor shad a city Chairma n The State Executive Council shall provide for the organization of as many sub-councils of the Union Brotherhood in counties and cities, as Council they*mav shall from have time power to time to make deem advisable. all necessary The by-laws, State Executive rules and State regulations The President Executive for shall, the Conucil, carrying by "the call concurrence out extra of the or special objects of any meetings four of this members Brotherhood. of the of the State Council. The Executive Council shall have power to fill any vacancies that mav occur in its own body. Committee on State Organization,—John T. White, Chairman; A. T. M. Wilson, Robinson, Dennis John F. Heard, Douglass, John H. T. Brown, M. Dent, T. H. C. Hutcherson, T. Walker, H. P Squire T M. Remarks Grant, Owens, Willliams, B. were Win. H. C. made Smith, Huff, H. Brightharp, by C. J. the C. E. Clarke, President, Drake, John T. D. W. Col. T. L. Marlow, Daniel Grant, Solomon, D. Murden, Thomas. Pledger, and Bishop Turner. The Committee on State following names for officers of the State For Council President, of the Union Biotheihood. Rev. William Organization Hon. Anthony Col. J. 0. W. A. ... reported the Beall, Pledger, Esq., J. Wilson, WThite, Vice-Presidents, .... - - - State at - Large, - Augusta, Ga. - - - - Bailey's Atlanta, Mils, Ga. Hamilton,

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