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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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Rev. S. A. McNeal submitted the report of the committee on LYNCH LAW, which was adopted as follows:—

WHEREAS, We are surrounded with such a condition of circumstances, known as lunch law, and

WHEREAS, The Negro is the viction nearly all the lynchings in this state, and all other states in this country: and

WHEREAS, It has come to your committees notice through public print, that 123 persons were lynched in the United States last year, and

WHEREAS, This unlawful and inhuman practice is becoming so alarmingly great, that we, the colored men of Georgia, in Convention here assembled, denounce the same, and offer the following:

Resolved, That it is a fundamental idea of our theory of government, that no man shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law. It is therefore barbarous, cruel, and and alarming outage of law, that what is known as lynch law, should, under any circumstances, be tolerated, suffered or endured.

Resolved, further, That it is the duty of every true citizen to do all in his power to break up this infamous practice and outrage of law.

Signed, L. Solomon, Chairman.

Bobert Odom, W. Paschal, F. F. Kellum,

P. H. Lee, R. Jackson, Cyrus West,

George Lewis, Madison Epps, J. M. Gibson,

A. T. Turner, Jackson Eldridge, George Banks,

S. B. Burges, S. A. McNeal, C. Barker,

A. D. Simmons, William Williams. Committee.

the victim nearly all the lynchings that Whereas, W 123 and hereas, persons all other It This were has states unlawful lynched come in to this and your in country: and committees in this notice through public print, the inhuman United practice States last is becoming year, and so alarmingly great, denounce no law. what man Resolved, is It that known shall is the we, therefore be same, That as deprived the lynch colored it and barbarous, is law, a offer of fundamental men life, the should, liberty of cruel following: Georgia, under and idea or property, au of any in our alarming Convention circumstances, theory without outrage of government, here due of assembled, process law, that that of be tolerated, suffered Resolved, or endured. further, That it is the duty his Bobert P. George A. H. T. power Turner, Lee, Odom, Lewis, to break up this Signed, infamous Jackson R. Madison W. L. Jackson, Solomon, Paschal, practice Eldridge, Epps, of Chairman. and every outrage true of citizen F. Cyrus George J. law. F. M. to do all in Kellum, West, Gibson, Banks, S. A.D.Simmons, T. B. White, Committee Burges, Esq., COMMITTEE on which state organization was S. William ON A. unanimously STATE McNeal, Williams. submitted ORGANIZATION. adopted. their report C. Barker. through Committee. J. Mr. interchange while your anxious sensible, President, We, earnest we to your we come so of trust, attention. work, committee and ideas to you, of Gentlemen as and the to to We solemn on have opinions, give State have of the an responsibility the Organization, gone approval account have Convention:— into concluded of of the our our placed discharge after own stewardship, our due upon consciences work, of deliberation, us, our [and and duty, you first; ask sincerely give deeply a your that free us plaudits '•How can after. we best The unite paramount our people, consideration so as to Avith secure your concert committee of action has been, upon those old must commonwealth." bear things the which crucial vitally test Realizing of affect your as our criticism, we highest did, that we interest the tried, action as so citizens of our of this committee power grand in us rested, to present that plan which would best accomplish the end desired and at the same far as the time, meet your approval. continually ing, but not present necessarily themselves, embarrassing, but it is position. Our people True, are perplexing now in an problems interest¬ that I stand in my place with no small degree of race pride, it most be; properly our upon must Problem, Convention, out; well own emphatic us. have demonstrate or salvation. comprehend and as illy been it there accordingly, done. presents terms must Work it and All so at itself go as my of plainly, ably it as no a the out member we in command, uncertain solve, remedies this in perform that "fear if country, of he given sound. this and provided that our who Convention, a trembling," duty, there fair which runs The opportunity will is may eyes Negro no the it and phase of read." may verdict the wisdom declare of to be, country the Fronl work bat upon cannot in Negro work this the out are us it confessedly the Mr. statement President, exhausted of applied the that white from itself, and people, this failed ere Convention, my to that race effect there in a this cure; is no state, by balm statesmanship the will in highest Gilead. accept civilization, must as We a took, have fact, there would be demanded some show tangible that evidence we know that the we situation; are here sympathize for the people. with Something existing conditions; must be done rec¬ to ognize duty be —"He leaders what in the are the they fact fearful premises, may. that responsibilities. desperate Momentous and knowing diseases times dare demand are upon perform desperate us. Upon remedies; our consequences know our Now, ever, the history shoulders To who the following dallies plan dastard, organization, and our people, who we doubts invite your damned." To the following plan or organization, we invite your attention:—

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