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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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CONSULTATION CONVENTION. mittee because adopted. tiary J. for on W. no 16 Marlow, colored years on man Esq., evidence was submitted on that the jury. would the not convict a The report was following report dog._ "was received and of the com¬ EDUCATION. which was adopted

not tact young: will intelligent tance in English the Convention soon Whereas, Whereas, various Whereas, present with that and education those the voters, insurmountable mechanical youth races It We We, assembled, seems loyal among know the should that and arts; that representatives chat are our know patriotic be difficulties, and people, giving in trained the the absence citizens. to more in great when of enable practical the attention of need our them Negro these We and people of regard to qualifications, of a to become scientific the thoroughly the are it state training of brought proper farming, equal of the practical Georgia, leaders, in of impor¬ future con¬ and the WHEREi doing many youth; Whereas, ers as Resolved1st, to secure 2nd. tax, in purpose. to rec?ive s, any aid The aid rendered vast good, yet of our counties, we is and We feel the tax-pavers; therefore That six month's we urge That schooling upon we order that there may the efforts of the from the nation; and state to educate the youth, is believe wholly by inadequate that the the state, present for to the which three proper we months education are grateful, school of the in is colored be it citizens are becoming too largely default¬ urge be our from a this people, larger Convention the fund the state importance from for to our use which children. every of paying to method possible draw their for said poll J. J. W. H. R. H. pense The citizens School that the tions We to-wit:—Bishop W. Rev. the months appointed, line, the manly not gro withdrawal and worthy S. K. S. J. M. H. J. same White, 7th, fund Negro it appropriating 6th, 5th, feel 4th. race. Lovinggood, Sinton, 3rd, T. state wise, C. be Turner, Smith, any of is White, for course Hudson, of T. in of laid unfair That che That That That to that That appropriated attempt this and has the legislature whites, our together Walker, the of before state J. of we while rural as grand we we we confidence that the the that H. senators W. the much urge deprecate endorse it as Eight urge and M. by the Senator state Mar with districts. as the teachers to we state, anybody Signed, be Turner, legislation upon do the legislature to right by low, legislature do the Thousand and petitioned ought and Dr. nothing the make educational and not the the H. our to S. of Ned representatives E. Derry J. importance T. A. H. E. respect. Blair D. else. We ask should W. be cowardly the W, state, W. K. M. it to J. people B. Dt, to G. McWhorter, by educated the should for Dollars co-education, recommend Blair, Fisher, Love, furnish Dent, Atlanta Brown, Jones, Easley. Murden, for educational prevent, L. Haygood, the have as the voice advancement., L. the the act above to provide Chairman. and of D. Negro. from every University. importance as said same, of keep of ,Rev. having co-education. of the skillful the this named to that the bill the schools, right we for the W. Georgia so supporters Convention, We and United as Atlanta a State condemn, in a arrange J. schools committee. any B. workmen A. J. E. of committee J. J. being State are any that Gaines, and E. H. A. "W. Walker, T. so other Legislature States Normal We tax-payers wise, Williams' University, C. Stephens, Huff, we Technological Marlow, the supplementing just, these of running Dixon, and at citizen endorse D. his at urge address of of Congress, the Schools. We D., practical address the the five resolu¬ bill ' are in the and Ne¬ same the nine be of Rev. that feel and has. ex¬ Committee.

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